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News you've all been waiting for: Vera season 7 has been confirmed and is coming in Early 2017!

Release Date of #Vera S7: Early 2017

Vera is a British detective television show, which is based on a series of novels by the same name. The novels were written by award-winning crime writer, Ann Cleeves. The show was first broadcast on the British television station, ITV on May 1st, 2011. There have been six seasons or “series” of the show so far to date. Brenda Blethyn plays the star of the series, DCI @Vera Stanhope.

Her partners on the show are DS Joe Ashworth (played by David Leon), who was her side kick in seasons one through four and DS Aiden Healey (played by Kenny Doughty), who took over the sidekick job in season five.  A seventh season of #Vera has been ordered and is set to air in 2017.

Who is #Vera Stanhope?

DCI @Vera Stanhope (DCI stands for Detective Chief Inspector) is a member of the fictional Northumberland & City Police Department. The character is described as being extremely obsessive about her work, scatter-brained and disheveled, and full of her own personal “demons”. She is also somewhat quick to anger. Despite her flawed nature though, she is extremely intelligent, “calculating”, and is extremely passionate and caring about her job and her coworkers.  She is a workaholic who leaves little room for her personal life outside of the job.

Who is Ann Cleeves? 

Unlike the fictional character Vera Stanhope, Ann Cleeves is the real life crime writer who wrote the series of novels titled Vera. Cleeves was born in 1954 and is originally from Britain. In 2006, she won the “Duncan Lawrie Dagger” award. This award is known as the “richest crime-writing prize in the world”. This award was given for her novel, which was titled Raven Black. Cleeves studied English at Sussex University, but dropped out of school before earning a degree.

In 2014, she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Letters by the University of Sunderland. Before diving head first in to her writing career, she worked in various positions including as a probationary officer, a cook and a member of the Coast Guard. Her Vera Stanhope novels became extremely popular as demonstrated by this television series being created based on the novels.

Who is Brenda Blethyn? 

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Brenda Blethyn is the leading lady in Vera, starring as the lead character, Vera Stanhope. Brenda is a British born actress who has become extremely popular in the United Kingdom, and she is one of the biggest reasons why the television show Vera has been wildly successful and such a fan favorite. The actress, who is now 70, plays one seriously hardcore detective on the show.

Blethyn was born in 1946 and has had a very full career consisting of work in theater, television, and film. She is most widely known for her role on Secret and Lies, which is Mike Leigh’s British drama film from 1996. The critically acclaimed star has received two Academy Award nominations, two SAG Award nominations, and three Golden Globe Award nominations, of which she won one. That’s more award nominations than I have had in my lifetime!

Her film career also includes a wide array of diverse movies including Saving Grace (2000), Plots with a View (2002), Clubland (2007), Little Voice (1998) and Beyond the Sea (2004). Her biggest budget and perhaps most widely known films include the dramas, Pride & Prejudice (2005) and Atonement (2007).

What’s going on in the rumor mill? 

Season six of Vera concluded with a riveting four-part series finale at the end of February and the show is definitely locked in for an upcoming seventh season, which should air sometime in 2017. Rumor has it that Blethyn had begged and pleaded with producers to “not sex up her show”. The actress has noticed there has been a trend lately of adding attractive shirtless men into serious television dramas as of late (who can miss it really?), and Blethyn is not having any of it on her show.

“I think the charm of the series is that it is so

ordinary and people can relate to it. I think it’s going to stay there”, Blethyn stated. In the interview, she also went on to state that she felt her co-workers on Vera were already popular (and attractive) enough that they didn’t need to resort to spending copious amounts of time at the gym or ripping off their clothes on nationally broadcasted television, “We’ve got lovely fellows, handsome, and of course they’ve got that pin-up, Vera”. 

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Ron J Marinco
Ron J Marinco
4 months 19 days ago

Will season 7, 8, and or 9 EVER get to PBS in America?