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There will be no Fifth season for Antena 3's Drama series Velvet

#Velvet Ended, No Season Five :(

Velvet (originally known as Galerías #Velvet) is a Spanish television series broadcast on Antena 3. It is a drama set around a posh clothing company in the mid-twentieth century of Spain, covering the lives of its wealthy owners and clientele as well as the tailors and designers who work for the firm. It is considered to be a smash hit for Spanish TV, with its popularity remaining high throughout its run in locations where Spanish-language programming is typically consumed with gusto – Spain, Latin America, Mediterranean Europe, and various Slavic and Baltic countries.

Even at first glance, it is not difficult to see why these audiences are enamored with the show. Like internationally popular telenovelas before it (Colombia’s Betty La Fea being perhaps the most famous, but by no means the only example), @Velvet intertwines the expected fairy tale storyline with compelling characters. Alberto is the wealthy scion of the eponymous fashion powerhouse in upscale Spanish society. Ana Ribiera is a poor, but honorable and diligent seamstress who captures the heart of the dashing protagonist.

All this is set in the wondrous 1950’s Spain, a locale that transports viewers back to a simpler time when high fashion was valued over today’s casual dress and the more rigid society meant that there are plenty of obstacles between two loves from different sides of the railroad tracks. The setting often involves the office, which like in Betty, provides a good amount of relatable drama as temperaments and egos clash as much as in any workplace. Combine this with an all-star cast and high production values and you have a series with a hypnotic charm. This formula, while archetypical, never gets old for viewers, as the same basic plot is recycled constantly in different fantastical or whimsical settings to populate the steady stream of internationally popular Spanish-language soap operas.

Fans of the series will be happy to know that its potency has been proven on the domestic and international front. In Italy, it has reached the number one most watched show in the whole country on several occasions, gathering up to 14% of the total television viewers in the land. In Spain, the same raw number of viewers is achieved. Taking into account the country’s smaller population, this means that it typically gets over 20% of the national audience per episode.

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As for the word on the street, according to IMBD’s current records, it is popular with the many fans who have clicked in to rate it, scoring a strong 8.1 as of the time of this writing. Users are praising its rollercoaster of a romantic plot and its fashionable setting. It is currently within the top 300 most popular TV shows. The show enjoys a strong following on Netflix outside of its European stronghold, so it is very accessible to international viewers.

Are you one of the millions who are loyally watching the drama unfold in #Velvet? Do you think Alberto will let his emotional side guide him in

selecting his bride or will his logical business sense get the best of him? Do you think Cristina is a good person or a manipulator?

The drama is currently on season 4 and it looks like it will go on to completion, getting a proper ending due to its high viewership. Subscribe below to receive updates on the status of the show. We will be sending out emails about it as soon as word reaches us. 

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1 month 16 days ago

I have not seen a good story as this Velvet. i think they should continue, it is so worth. Spin it off with a new generation. But the main primary actors and actresses should be there. They made it possible. and so as the writers. Such a wonderful story .

26 days 23 hours ago

I would like to know when we will be able to watch the Velvet Collection (Season 5) in the U.S. and on what channel or streaming service.

2 days 7 hours ago

I don’t understand why Velvet season 5 would not come true. It is such a great series with all of the original actors in it. I do hope that they do produce it as I know a lot of people in Canada who are big fans.