‘Upscale With Prentice Penny’ Has Some Good Ideas


Every now and then a reality television series comes about that gives insight into the life of either a well-known celebrity, or one that is little known and has layers. Prentice Penny would fit into the latter portion, so when his new show Upscale With Prentice Penny debuts in 2017, it will be a fun ride for all fans interested in knowing more about his personality.

  1. He will host and star in the series, which is expected to be a lifestyle reality show. About 12 episodes have been ordered for TruTV and will cover what it means to be upscale. Penny is the epitome of class, and each episode will cover different topics ranging from travel, wine, fashion and more.
  2. Penny is best known for being behind the cameras as a producer, writer and showrunner. His credits include Insecure, Happy Endings and The Hustle. There are plenty more shows on his resume, and it just shows how accomplished he is without being the face of anything in particular.
  3. Executive producers will be Penny, Jared Hoffman and Chris Pollack. Although they won’t get crazy with the budget, expect for there to be plenty of really beautiful locations included in each episode. A lot of the things/places he will cover is accessible to a normal viewer, which is why the show is so great in the first place. Class isn’t just about having money, and that’s exactly what Penny will prove.
  4. This will be the first time Penny will be in front of the camera in a major role. If the show takes off, expect more personalities from behind the camera to follow suit and explore their own identities. The floodgates are open!

There is nothing like reality that is actual reality. It is something that is getting harder to find in reality television, and something that Penny will waste no time in bring to his viewers.

Will you tune in to watch the show? What is your favorite Penny project?

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