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UpRooted Season 2? Fate still up in the air

Release Date of #UpRooted S2: To be announced

Cooking show UpRooted is currently in its first season on the Cooking Channel. This show follows mother, Cordon Bleu-trained cook, and food-lover Sarah Sharratt. An American by birth, this show follows Sharratt as she culinarily adjusts to a life in rural France. As well as interacting with the local culture and people, she also tries to apply some of the ingredients and techniques she sees being used in the French countryside to some classic American favorites, making for a fun fusion. After a brief break, the first season is continuing this November.

One fun spin that the show is putting on for November is Sarah trying to pull off an American Thanksgiving celebration in France. She is pulling out all the stops, bringing some relatives from the U.S. as well as getting her local butcher to help. Some of the dishes she is putting together for the dinner include ratatouille, along with Butternut Squash Soup, Stuffed Turkey, and Pumpkin Pie. Some other episodes this season include Sarah accompanying the local mayor on a pigeon hunt, a dish that inspires her to make Pigeon Stuffed with Sausage and Fennel Seeds and Pommes Dauphinoise (potato gratin), as well as visiting a local walnut farm and oil press. Sarah uses these nuts to make Walnut Ravioli in a cream sauce. What has been your favorite dish on #UpRooted to date?

#UpRooted’s chances at a second season are interesting, as there is a relative lack of ratings data or reviews regarding the show. This is a classic case of good news, bad news. The good news is that this means that the show isn’t generating any negative press from viewers or critics. The bad news is that it may not be creating any interest at all, which could be a real issue for the show’s chances moving forward. What feedback is out there considers the French setting not particularly breaking new ground, but Sharratt has earned praise as a host. Her training makes her a qualified and respected voice for the show. What do you think about Sharratt as a host?

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However, one major point in @UpRooted’s corner is that it is on the Cooking Channel as opposed to neighboring Food Network. While Food Network has a variety of different food-related shows competing for timeslots and ratings space, Cooking Channel is a bit more specialized in the content it provides. This means that the pressure isn’t as high for @UpRooted to be an overnight success. This means that if the show has some issues that are keeping it from generating the attention that viewers

would like, it will also have some time to improve, increasing its chances of future seasons.

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Ruth Nelson
Ruth Nelson
9 months 3 days ago

I love this show. She is the kind of the American Contessa” from the South of France. The views and the location are just fabulous!, It’s like a dream!, I will love to visit that part of France soon!, It’s in my wish list!