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ICI Radio-Canada Télé is yet to decide on the future of the Unité 9 for Season 6

Release Date of #Unité9 S6: To be announced

Long Live the Ladies of Unit 9.
The award-winning French-Canadian series, Unité 9, has made it to its fifth season, and it doesn’t look like the drama is anywhere near over. Created by Danielle Trottier, this series could very well run for another three seasons, as she has invisioned many more details for the inmates to fulfill enough to take viewers through season 8.

The show pivots around Marie Lamontagne, an inmate at Lietteville federal prison, serving her time for being accused of murdering her father. This show is not so much about the crimes committed by these women as it is about the human drama, their relationships, and the psychology that encompasses being incarcerated. There are many characters and side-stories involving the other inmates living in unit 9, along with stories about their family members, and of course the staff that run the prison ward.

Season 5 picks up where season 4 ended, and most of the cast has returned. After Mary attempted suicide, the characters all show how much they are affected by this event. Benoit and George are afraid to tell Lucie the news about Mary, as she has just given birth and they don’t want to exacerbate her emotions. After being attacked, Normand has to have a major transplant surgery in his eye to recover, but is unable to go back to his normal duties. Because of this, he is replaced by Marie-France Caron who is named Acting Director and tries to make changes for the better as to how the prison is being run.

Fans of the English-language Netflix series Orange is the New Black will definitely appreciate this show. There are many similarities between the characters, although fans of this show have reportedly compared the two series and find @Unité9 to be much rougher, sexier, and realistic than Orange is the New Black.

Season 5 premiered on September 13, 2016, with 1.94 million excited viewers tuned in to see what would happen next. The second episode viewership was nearly as strong as the first, with 1.83 million viewers. Subsequent episodes saw viewership holding steady, then the fifth episode got a spike up to just over 2 million viewers.

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There will be 24 episodes in the fifth season, and while there have not been any official announcements about a sixth season renewal, the viewership remains very high for this drama series and the showrunners are confident that there is plenty more of this story to be told.

#Unité9 airs on ICI Radio-Canada and also TV5 Monde on mobiles and select Francophone nations around the world. The first three seasons are available on GooglePlay.

Have you been a fan of @Unité9 since the first season or did you binge-watch to catch up to season 5? What do you think will become of Normand and Mary? Are

you excited to find out if there will be a sixth season?

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