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A&E has cancelled the Crime series, there will not be a Season 5

#Unforgettable Cancelled, No Season Five :(

Season four of the resurrected Unforgettable, a police procedural drama television series (based on J. Robert Lennon’s short story “The Remember”) premiered on the A&E cable channel on November 21st, 2015. While it was originally scheduled to air on November 13th, it was pushed back one week for reasons unaddressed by A&E.

#Unforgettable has had quite a broadcasting history and has even been dubbed as the show “that will not die”. Originally beginning as a CBS series, it was cancelled after the first season. While they ultimately decided to bring it back, it was cancelled once again two seasons later. The reasons for the ultimate cancellation were slightly unclear. The show had ended with an average of six million viewers which had seemed relatively high to most fans. A likely issue was that it still a significant decrease of approximately 2.2 million throughout the years. After CBS’s second cancellation, A&E decided to take over.

Developed by Ed Redlich and Jon Bellucci (who had previously worked together on Without a Trace), @Unforgettable follows Detective Carrie Wells (played by Poppy Montgomery), a New York detective with a rare medical disorder that causes her to have a disturbingly detailed (and scarily accurate) memory. The first season introduced Carrie as a Syracuse police officer who joins the NYPD’s Queen’s Homicide Unit after solving a case with her former boyfriend and partner, Al (played by Dylan Walsh).  In a likely effort to revamp the series after the first CBS cancellation, Al and Carrie are transferred to NYPD’s Major Crime Unit for the remainder of the two CBS seasons.

The most recent revival by A&E has kept Carrie and Al in the Major Crime Unit, but due to difficulties in retaining pivotal actors during the previous cancellations, the unit has been completely revamped. Gone are actors Jane Curtin, Tawny Cypress and Dallas Roberts, and in their place have come Alani “Lala” Anothony (playing an ostentatious medical examiner named Delina Michaels); Kathy Najimy (with the role of Sandra Russo, the new unit boss) and E.J. Bonilla (playing Denny Padilla, a new detective with a fancy for Carrie). Jericho’s Skeet Ulrich has also replaced Matthew Dempsey in the role of Carrie’s estranged husband from Daytona Beach. In addition to these new cast members, Rachel Dracht and Ashanti were also reported to be making guest appearances. Ashanti, as a beautiful jazz singer in the crime-ridden music scene of New York who just happens to catch Al’s eye, and Rachel Dracht as an annoying key witness whom Carrie and Al are forced to transport for a high-profile swindling case.

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Despite all these new changes and the fact that the season four finale is set to air on January 29th of this year, A&E has not made any statement on whether they intend to cancel or renew the “immortal” series. The season premiere didn’t exactly have smashing reviews, raking in only about one million viewers and achieving a Live +3 rating of 0.1. To give you some insight as to how #Unforgettable compares, here are the ratings of a few other shows that aired that same week: Doctor Who rated a 0.6 with 1.4 million viewers, Fargo rated a 0.8 with 2.5 million viewers and the Walking Dead dominated with a score of 9.3 and 18 million viewers. Bear in mind as well that these are all within the same 18-49 year-old demographic. When you combine these unremarkable ratings with the change in networks,

it becomes difficult to predict the outcome of this series one way or the other.

As previously mentioned, the season four finale of @Unforgettable (titled “Game On”) is set to air on A&E on Friday, January 29th, 2016 at 10/9 Central. While unfortunately, at this moment, the future of the show is uncertain, super-fans who aren’t quite ready to say goodbye can purchase CBS’s first three seasons of the on Blue Ray DVD via Amazon’s website.

Bad news! It looks like Unforgettable is about to be all but erased from our memories very soon with the nes that A & E will not be renewing the drama series for a fifth season. The procedural drama has already been given the axe on two separate occasions by former home CBS before being picked up by A&E. Now it seems that it won't be third time lucky because rumour has it that the studio is not even interested in finding a new home for the series.

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