‘Uncle Buck’ Isn’t Your Uncle’s Uncle Buck


The year of reboots, revivals, respawns and all types of necromancy and dark magic has brought fans some great shows and movies in 2016. But it has also brought with it even more flops and stinkers. Uncle Buck takes a blind swing in the dark and becomes one of the most hated shows on the network, but not for its entertainment value.

Uncle Buck is loosely based on the John Candy film of the same name from 1989. It’s about a bad uncle who is a really bad caretaker but has to be the adult with his brother’s kids. The movie was fantastic, and the show is actually pretty good. Casting Mike Epps as the uncle was a no brainer, and Nia Long is fantastic as Cindy Russell.

The problem lies with the cult following of the original movie, which has led to fans and critics panning the show before it was even released. While the popularity spikes upwards depending on the demographic, the actual rating of the show skyrockets in the opposite direction. If the show was named anything other than Uncle Buck then it would survive, but this is nothing more than buyer’s remorse. In its current state it will be cancelled before season 2, and if ABC is gracious enough and it gets to season 2, it will be cancelled before season 3.

Uncle Buck isn’t a bad show at all, and it even favors ‘The Bernie Mac Show’ in some instances. But if they don’t find a consistent audience, then it will be dead in the water. Fans of the show should enjoy it for what it is, and those that haven’t seen the movie should definitely go rent it.

How long do you think Uncle Buck will last on ABC? Do you think a rival network could save it before it gets cancelled?

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