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The Third season of the television series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt commenced airing on May 19, 2017

S3 Started May 19, 2017

Created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a sitcom following a woman now living in New York City who was rescued from an Indiana cult. She doesn’t like being labeled as a victim and wants to take her life by the horns and adapt to her life of freedom after half her life was spent in captivity. While this doesn’t sound like the premise for a comedy, the show manages to keep viewers laughing and engaged. The show was designed as a role for Ellie Kemper, who plays the role of Kimmy. Now in its second season, it was picked up by Netflix after NBC didn’t want to go down the comedy route that the show would have brought them. It has been well acclaimed since its inception, and is the perfect series to cue up for your next binge watching session.

What’s happening in the second season of #UnbreakableKimmySchmidt?

The season premieres with trouble with Titus when his ex decides to sue him, and Kimmy herself also ends up in murky waters when she decides to pursue a married man. In doing so, she gets distracted from earning her GED. Jacqueline’s parents have had enough of her staying with them, and Lillian has a new love interest. Titus gets a small gig doing a one man show about his past lives. As Kimmy establishes her job as an Uber driver, she meets a therapist who she opens up to. As the season wraps up, Kimmy reunites with her mother after decades apart.

How are people reacting to the series?

The series has been well received since its inception in 2015, and viewers describe it as quirky but funny. Each character brings something different to the table, and together it makes an entreating smorgasbord of laughs and entertainment. Tina Fey is known for her comedy, and this show doesn’t disappoint. While the premise of the show initially turned many viewers off from watching it, it turns out that once they tune in they wish they had sooner. The cast really contributes to its success with their skills and ability to take on the roles. It’s something anyone who is a fan of Tina Fey should check out.

When can fans of the show expect to see a third season?

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Much to the delight of fans, UKS has been renewed for the 2017 season. While the release date hasn’t been announced yet, it will likely be in the spring as the first season was released in March and the second season was released in April. For those who haven’t checked it out yet, the first two seasons are available on Netflix for viewing and is a must see comedy.

What are the ratings for the current season of #UKS?

The ratings have increased from their already good standings of season one. Metacritic is reporting in at an 82/100 which is up four points since 2015. Rotten Tomatoes experienced the same trend of increased ratings as the first season was given a 95% rating and the second coming in at 100%. It has also won several awards and been nominated for many other while

maintaining an score of 8 out of 10 stars.

Is this a good show for children?

While the fact that Kimmy was in captivity for several years is dark, the show is relatively tame when it comes to inappropriate language and sexual innuendo. It’s probably best for older teens with open minded parents who aren’t afraid to discuss issues that are brought up on the show with their child, all while maintaining a strong female lead.

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