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Season 1 of Twin Peaks debuted on May 21, 2017

S1 Started May 21, 2017

Twin Peaks, originally an early 1990s smash hit, is reportedly returning to television screens everywhere in 2016 or 2017. Announced back in October 2014, the show will be returning as a limited series and will air on Showtime. The original creators and writers Mark Frost and David Lynch wrote all the new episodes and Lynch is serving as director.

Early in 2015 the shown also gained a boost to its revival effort when news surfaced that as a result of a contract dispute between Lynch and Showtime, the show would now have more episodes then originally announced. Strangely enough, Lynch had said just the prior month that the show would not be airing at all due to lack of funding and other monetary reasons. With the release date of the re-booted #TwinPeaks so far away, there remains plenty of time for other drama and events to unfold and derail the show before it ever sees the light of day.

In an effort to leverage an existing fan base, several of the original cast members are said to have signed on to film the new series reboot. Most notably, according to, Kyle Maclachlan will return as Special Agent Dale Cooper. Having more of the original cast then expected is a risk for the reboot. The original cast could take the show in a director that is too reliant on their old past work and produce a show that is not entertaining to the modern viewer. The series will have to balance what it was and what it needs to be today to succeed.

The themes and issues explored in the original #TP are just as relevant in our society today as they were when the first show aired. Living a double life and dealing with dark issues has always been a compelling and interesting story for the viewer and if #TP is able to weave those high ideas with modern production values and an outstanding effort from the original cast members, TP might just regain its critical success it managed for so brief a time two and a half decades ago.

If the show manages to air in 2016, it will be roughly 25 years since the shows finale back in 1991. No details are yet available about whether the show will be available to see anywhere other then Showtime and we have no information about the show airing in other languages or countries.

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Fans of the original series will be happy to know that the original Doubel R Diner that was previously damaged in a fire is being restored just for the show. The directors are clearly making a commitment to the original show and preserving what made it sucessful. The question is whether or not the word will reach all those viewrers who enjoyed the original show so long ago and bring them back into the fold. If they are able to do this, the show could benefit from a loyal and interested fan base to drive their word of mouth marketing to bring in new vierwers who have never seen the show.

The show originally stopped airing after the murder case was solved and

warappede up so it will be interesting to see if the writers are able to structure a plot in a way that allows for multiple seasons or at least extends the mystery out over the 18 episode season without running out of gas.

#TwinPeaks will premiere on showtime in 2016 or early 2017 at the latest. Did you watch the original show? What are your expectations for the reboot?
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UPDATED January 3, 2017

Twin Peaks reportedly had a premiere date, rumored to appear first at Sundance Film Festival, but then...

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