‘Turn’ Will End After Season 4


It’s a sad day for fans of the Turn series, which will end with a cancellation. AMC is doing the right thing though, and has announced it before the start of season 4. This will allow the show to set up for a conclusion, and wrap up any loose ends. Created in 2014, Turn is based on the past with The Culper Ring, a group of spies who fight for America’s independence. Abe Woodhull is at the center of its creation, and Jamie Bell has done a spectacular job in playing the role. So why did the show fail?

  1. Turn is an interesting show, but very slow. It is the type of show that will appeal to history buffs and viewers that like to see stories unfold methodically. The problem is revolutionary war drama’s seem to be better told as movies in the vein of Saving Private Ryan. Turn is a slow burn show of all slow burns, and had a very specific demographic.
  2. AMC believed in the series enough to put their dollars in marketing it, starting with changing the original title from Turn to Turn: Washington’s Spies. This was an admirable but futile effort, as the original name was better as is.
  3. But the most important thing AMC did for the series was introduce Alexander Hamilton in season 3, which went hand and hand with the popularity of the Broadway musical Hamilton. The multi award winning musical set records across the world, and this was probably the best addition to the cast.

Yet with all of the changes and marketing, Turn just couldn’t meet its lofty goals. The show will be missed, but viewers shouldn’t fault AMC as they did everything they could to make the show successful.

What could AMC have done to make the show a success? Who was the best character from the series?


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9 months 24 days ago

They should of added major battle scenes. The show got too bogged down in the mundane of the spy networking, instead of breaking up the monotony with some solid battle scenes between the British and Continental forces. The action would of drawn in a wider base of viewers.

7 months 30 days ago

I have been waiting for season 4 cannot believe this will be the last one this is one if my favorite series so,sad I even got lots of friends that didn’t even know it was on have caught up watching 12& 3rd season now waiting for season 4. Terrible news this is final season History is so important all such good actors & actresses playing Turn .Does anyone know why it’s not season 4 this fall ?? So pissed it’s waiting till 2017 after recruiting so many to watch this wonderful show on history.AMC wakeup this is so good!!