True North Calling: What to Expect from TV Series


The Reality of Life in the Way-Way Far North: There’s a chilling new docu-series set to release in the winter of 2017 that will make you want to grab a hot cup of cocoa, cider, coffee, tea (or whatever will keep you feeling warm inside) before you nuzzle up with a cozy blanket to watch. Few Canadians ever get the chance to experience visiting (let alone living in) Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut, an area which only houses approximately 20% of the nation’s population.

True North Calling is a compelling reality show produced for CBC by Proper Television, who have this proud statement to share about their show: “True North Calling will reveal the north to audiences in an entirely new, modern and surprising way. The series follows one season in the lives of several young, dynamic Arctic dwellers carving out a life for themselves and their families on the frozen tundra.” Surviving and thriving in this region of the planet takes serious dedication and resourcefulness, and these brave Canadians prove they have all the necessary skills as they follow their dreams of living in the tough terrain of the North.

Camera crews capture it all, from the wild unpredictability of the year-round harsh weather, to the difficulties of raising a family, earning a living, and providing for their communities. Not only are they faced with blending technology and modernization into their daily routines, but they are also challenged with incorporating ancient knowledge passed down from their elders – information which has helped mankind survive in the North for thousands of years using tried and true traditional methods.

Let’s Meet the Cast!
Franco Buscemi lives in Iqaluit where he keeps his community in stitches (laughing at his stand-up performances), while working and hunting daily to feed his family of five. His ultimate dream is to run for public office so that he can lead his people into the new century.

Kate Mechan and Bart Bounds are farmers from Whitehorse who raise their two children off-grid in a tiny yurt. They want to establish a sustainable farm in one of the most difficult places to farm, all in the name of food security.

Kylik Kissoun Taylor makes his living in the tourism sector of the Far North, and he is struggling to keep operations running. He has a new game-changing idea that he’s betting will pay off, if he can successfully blend traditional thinking with modern business ways.

Shawn Buckley is a highly skilled, fourth-gen fisherman and single-father. He balances his family life while battling the wild elements in Yellowknife to keep up with the high demand for fresh Arctic fish in the big cities down south.

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What do you think about the premise of this new CBC series? Would you be willing to live in the cold tundra like these brave souls? Which of the people featured do you think will be the most compelling to watch? Let us know your thoughts about True North Calling by commenting with your answers to those questions!

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