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No decision has been made as to when production of True Nightmares Season 3 will resume

Release Date of #TrueNightmares S3: To be announced

True Nightmares is Investigation Discovery’s series featuring Todd Robbins that tells the true stories behind some of our most prevalent and terrifying myths and urban legends. Robbins is known for his background in tales of the bizarre and frightening, with his past as a performer at New York’s legendary Coney Island, where he became known for the incredible feat of eating glass objects such as lightbulbs and dinner glasses.

Each episode is an hour in length and features three tales that have spread like wildfire through our communities. While many believe these stories to be entirely made-up, they are true, and they could even happen to us. Robbins, as our narrator, introduces each segment and often steps into the scenes himself, pausing to take us to ever-deepening levels of terror as he comments on the situation at hand.

The first season featured twenty-one horrifying stories of real people in everyday situations which take a sudden and dark turn for the worse. Stories featured include the tale of two sisters from the UK who get in over their heads when they fall in love with a pair of mysterious American strangers, the mysterious death of a popular circus performer that casts doubt on their family’s true feelings, and a routine community pool cleaning gone wrong when the cleaners make a gruesome discovery.

The second season has launched with even more macabre tales, continuing everything the fans enjoyed previously while descending to a new level of horror. Some of the stories this season are the tale of a series of mysterious deaths at a funeral home with sinister implications, a group of women who believe that a ghost has come to haunt them for their misdeeds, and a man who survives two near-death experiences which prompt him to question his own sanity.

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The series is currently enjoying its second season, and holds a respectably high 8.4 rating on IMDB. Fans of the show just can’t get enough of these frightening true-to-life stories, which have been compared to the bone-chilling tales of years past spun by masters such as Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Sterling. Given how long-running those series of the past were, hopes are high that #TrueNightmares will continue to give us sleepless nights and chilly dreams for years to come. The type of story told each week on this program is truly unique on modern television, which leaves us all hoping that we can continue to enjoy this program well into the future.

Do you have a real-life story of horror that you think would be great for this exciting new series? Can you believe that these bleak and scary stories,

are real things that happened to actual people? As you watch, you will begin to believe that the greatest horrors are not found in the pages of a book or on the silver screen, but in our own streets and neighborhoods.

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Lynae Hanson
Lynae Hanson
11 months 27 days ago

Love this show

Vanessa West
Vanessa West
4 months 25 days ago

Please do another season, this show is awesome! And I love ID