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ID is yet to decide on the future of the True Crime with Aphrodite Jones for Season 7

Release Date of #TCAJ S7: To be announced

Premiering its first season on March 11, 2010 on the cable channel Investigation Discovery, True Crime with Aphrodite Jones is reminiscent and in the same vein as On the Case with Paula Zahn. Bestselling and award winning writer Aphrodite Jones presents world famous murder cases and goes behind what really may or may not have happened. She digs down into the facts, combing through crime scene evidence, police reports, and eye witness accounts, to find the bare bones truth of what really did or did not happen. Working hard to find any hidden truths, facts, or brand new information, she represents the case, exposing it in a whole different light. From a cheating husband or wife, to a hitch-hiking, cross country travelling serial killer, no case is too big, too small, too grizzly or too gruesome for her and her crack team to investigate.

With the series now in its sixth season, and having finished airing it fifth episode, it is very apparent that there is no crime too heinous or vile for Aphrodite’s investigators to look into. Leaving no rock unturned, no evidence left re-examined, they present what is already known, and then some. Having touched on some well-known headlines of the times, everyone from OJ Simpson, to Jon Benet Ramsey, and even Casey Anthony, no case is off limits. The series does not just present big name stars though, cases involving infidelity, serial killers, and even doctors gone bad are featured. TCAJ is currently airing its sixth season on Mondays, 9p-10p EST. Continuing with the same strategy that has carried them through the first five seasons, she holds nothing back. In the latest episode entitled Sex, Drugs, and Murder, Jones looks into the murder of 38 year-old Danny Coleman. After his charred remains were found 50 miles from his home it would take two decades of investigation before tracking down his killers. And when they are found, a web of sex and drugs will reveal that there was more to the murder than first thought. All this and a voice reaching out from the grave put Jones on the case.

Garnishing a very modest 6.2 out of 10 on the IMDB site, it seems that the series is still going strong. Viewer opinion is somewhat mixed to say the least. Some viewers take issue with her claims of being a detective or a private investigator. They feel that she is a writer, nothing more nothing less. And that she needs to stop presenting herself as something she is not. Others feel that, through Jones re-presentation of the cases, a new light was shed on a case they thought they knew all there was to know about, but obviously didn’t. And then there are those that take issue with how “animated” Jones seems during her interviews, continually nodding and grimacing. Very little could be found from the critic on their take on the series. Although what was available left one to speculate that maybe the critics think pretty much in the same vein as the viewers. Also, there was mention of the series not being all that different from others out there, and that it relied a lot on the hosts gravitas and sensationalism than it did the actual cases themselves. But, one thing is for sure; whatever makes this show click is surely to be what makes it go the distance.

As the series is preparing to wrap up its sixth season, it is not known yet if it will be renewed for a seventh. But, with the evidence presented, it would be a pretty good guess that it could go either way. And, if it is renewed, one would assume that the new season would contain new cases, with new victims, re-examined for new evidence, and presented at a totally different angle, leaving it for the viewers to decide.

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If you missed the first four seasons, you are still in luck. #TrueCrimeAphroditeJones is

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Do you think this series has what it takes to get a season seven renewal?  Or do you think that the formula has run its course?

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Kevin Robinson
Kevin Robinson
3 months 2 days ago

Bring back Aphrodite for another season. People like her, Joe Kenda and the brilliant Candace Delong are the backbone of this network..
Intelligent host with intelligent views for an intelligent audience, that’s ID, and dumb criminals can’t handle the truth!