‘Travelers’ Was Inspired By Social Media


Even if the Will and Grace reboot is still up in the air, former fans can follow Eric McCormack in the new show Travelers. It has been released on Netflix for the binging pleasure of millions, and looks to be a really complex time traveling show. Creator Brad Wright didn’t have to go too far for his inspiration thanks to the way social media works in modern times. History is revealing itself daily online through the eyes of millions of people, so flawed or not, history is on full display for anyone that wants to see it now, or even hundreds of years from now.

Travelers takes place hundreds of years into the future where technology has allowed humans to send their consciousness back through time. By going back into the 21st century, they can right the wrongs of the past and prevent the world from dipping into chaos. The ensemble cast of McCormack, Nesta Cooper, MacKenzie Porter, Jared Abrahamson and Reilly Dolman makes the series worth watching. In this way it differs a lot from 12 Monkeys on Syfy, by letting the viewers get invested in several time traveling characters at once. The stakes also seem to be higher with this series, with much better production values.

This is another original content push from Netflix that may pay huge dividends if the show catches fire. Time traveling shows have done well this year, as audiences seem more willing to take on complex scientific plots. Now is the best time for Travelers to come out, and they may even get a little boost heading into the New Year. The first episode makes it seem like the show is made for several seasons and won’t come to a conclusion for a while- let’s hope it doesn’t get cancelled until then!

Will Travelers live up to the hype surrounding it? What did you think of the first episode?

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1 year 4 months ago


shawn lindsey
shawn lindsey
11 months 23 days ago

Travelers is a great show can’t wait for season 3. hope there is one.

Ezra Carmen Shorter
Ezra Carmen Shorter
26 days 18 hours ago

“Live up to the hype,” it far outpaced it. Travelers was among the top 3 best sci fi shows in current production only behind Westworld and The Expanse! Netflix has lost it’s mind to cancel Travelers!

We now need a Travelers movie much like HBO came to it’s senses and produced a Deadwood movie