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Transporter: The Series will conclude its run on TNT

#TransporterSeries Cancelled, No Season Three :(

Transporter: The Series follows Frank Martin (played by Chris Vance), an ex special ops, on his mission to always get the package delivered. This is easier said than done. Martin is accompanied by Caterina Boldieu and then Jules Faroux. The packages range from pop stars to priceless objects but the job is always the same.
He tends to take on the jobs that other transporters either can’t or won’t do and because of this he is thought to be the best in the business. His job is as much about the people he meets as it is about delivering the package. Though he tries he is not immune from the emotions that come along with the job. The show is a spinoff of the Transporter films starring Jason Statham, with Vance taking on Statham’s original role.

In the season finale for season 2 when we last saw Frank, he and Caterina posed as a wealthy couple to get back diamonds stolen from their client and replace them with fake ones. This episode saw Frank meeting up with Olivier Dassin, another transporter. He also crosses paths with a former girlfriend who he thought was dead. To save her life he has to transport a weapon. There has been no word yet on a third season for the series. But it’s not looking positive at this point.
The ratings for season 2 were less than stellar and it’s uncertain whether the network would want to take on another season if the show has had less than desirable ratings for the first two seasons. It’s unfortunate for a show with such a strong lead actor like Vance to hang in the balance of ratings. Vance has consistently delivered quality performances that truly endears the audience to his character. Despite the writers’ efforts to create an intriguing storyline for Frank and the interest that the stellar fight scenes and action garners for the show, it just isn’t pulling in the numbers that would be desirable for a renewal.

Fans of the Canadian series should not despair quite yet. While the show has not been renewed yet, it hasn’t been cancelled either. This means that there is still a glimmer of hope for the series. The second season left Frank missing his ex girlfriend, literally, she has gone missing, a new arch nemesis has also come onto the scene, and we now have some more background information on Frank than we did in the beginning. The finale definitely left the space for another season to follow. It is possible that Fox is holding out for a while on renewing the series to see if people really would miss it. They have released a DVD set of the first season so they do believe in the show at least a little bit. That’s an encouraging sign that another season could be on the horizon. Fans are well aware that Transporter isn’t going to win a lot of awards or create a lot of buzz, but the show is unlike anything else on the air and its absence would be felt.

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Season 3 of #TransporterSeries is far from certain, but we can certainly hope. We’ve seen Frank transport all kinds of things, if season 3 does happen, what would you like to see Frank and his friends transport in the new season?
Tell us all about it in the comments.

Transporter: The Series executive producer Frank Spotnitz said, “I don’t think it’s going to come back, sadly… It did really well in Canada, but I think in France it was shown immediately after the Charlie Hebdo shootings — I don’t think anybody was watching drama, so it was bad timing unfortunately.”

Though he’s been busy with new projects like The Man in the High Castle, Spotnitz love for the series to return someday, saying, “Everything, I do, I have to love it — I can’t fake it! So yeah, I would.”

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1 month 3 days ago

Need a good ending. The way it ended, it does not sound good. Atleast another 6 episodes would do.