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‘Transparent’ Gets Renewed


Black comedy shows don’t fair too well on major networks before getting the axe. That’s a good reason to celebrate Transparent not only being on Amazon, but also getting renewed for its 4th season. Dysfunctional family takes on a new phrase with Transparent, and the show is so good as a black comedy that it is a challenge to Netflix’s ‘Arrested Development’. So it’s no surprise that the star of both of those shows is none other than Jeffrey Tambor, who continues to delight fans as he plays the deepest characters possible. Transparent getting renewed is exactly the type of buzz that Amazon needs, and here is why.

This is one of the few shows on Amazon to have mainstream appeal by both the critics and the fans. Transparent has won several awards and has been nominated at every major television awards show. The renewal came ahead of the third season premiere, and has been praised by Amazon Studio’s head of comedy Joe Lewis. Unlike Arrested Development which made its start on network television before getting cancelled and then moving to Netflix, Transparent is an in-house Amazon production. ‘Orange is the New Black’ means a lot for Netflix, but Transparent means twice as much for Amazon.

A good, dark, and meaningful black comedy of this type hasn’t been available for a long time on any network. And the show tackles real life issues that other shows shy away from, as Maura Pfefferman was Caitlyn Jenner long before Bruce Jenner. And speaking of Caitlyn Jenner, expect to see her sometime in season 3 for a special guest appearance. Considering how edgy the show is, this will probably be one of the more entertaining episodes!

Do you think Amazon is surpassing Netflix for quality of original shows? And who is your favorite member of the Pfefferman family?

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