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No decision has been made as yet regarding the further production of Transformers: Rescue Bots Season 5

Release Date of #TRB S5: To be announced

Transformers: Rescue Bots is an American children’s comedy program that currently airs on the Discovery Family Network (and has been since 2014). The program aired on the Hub Network from 2012 to 2014. The series follows the adventures of four young “bots” and their “human counterparts”.

In addition to the television series, there is also a line of toys and book series that are all based on The Transformers toy set. The series is produced by Hasbro Studios for the Discovery Family Channel. Nicole Dubuc, Brian Hohlfeld, and Jeff Kline develop the series. Executive producers include Jeff Kline, Brian Hohlfield, and Frank Molieri. The series originally premiered on February 18th, 2012. Season four of the series started on April 23rd, 2016.

Can you tell me more about the premise of the series?

The series is based on the fictional island of Griffin Island that is located off the coast of the real state, Maine. This is where the Rescue Bots are located. In case you are wondering what a Rescue Bot is, they are part of a group of “Autobots that have been designed for rescue missions”.

The Rescue Bots team consists of Heatwave, Boulder, Blades, and Chase. Heatwave is the leader of the group and is a fire engine bot. Boulder is a bulldozer bot, Blades is a helicopter pilot, and Chase is a police car bot. The main focus of the Rescue Bots is educating children regarding hazards.

In the show, the bots all follow direction from Optimus Prime for all of the active Autobots that come to Earth. The bots come out of a long stasis to learn what happened to Cybertron and that they are the only Rescue Bot team that remains.

Optimus Prime doesn’t believe that the Rescue Bot team is ready to join the Deceptions, so instead he pairs them with the Burns Family. The Burns Family is a team of first response rescuers who deal with various emergencies and disasters here on Planet Earth. Since this is a television show, it really emphasizes family values, combined with their newfound friends on Earth, the bots learn all about teamwork and heroism.

How can I watch this program?

The first three seasons of the series are available on YouTube and Netflix.

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What’s up in season four of the series?

The series premiered on April 23rdwith back-to-back episodes. There are brand new female characters on the show this season. The new bots will include Quickshadow (who is voiced by Alex Kingston) and Chickadee (who is voiced by Kristen Schaal). Season four will see the bots battle an alien invasion, which forces the bots to reveal their true extraterrestrial nature to the members of Griffin Rock.

At the beginning of May, the voice actor Jeff Bennett (who is the voice of many of the characters on the show including Ultramagnus and Mixmaster) received the “Creative Arts Emmy for Best Performer in an Animated Program”.

What’s Next?

While season four just began, we are anxiously looking ahead to season five. There has not been an official announcement, as of yet as to whether the show will be picked up for another season. We are anxiously awaiting the

announcement! What do you think will happen if there is? Will we see the addition of new bots in the fifth season like we did this season? What new storylines do you think there will be?

We want to hear from you!

Do you enjoy the show? How do you feel about season four of the show? Do you think the show will be renewed for a fifth season? Weigh in and let us know your thoughts!

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autumn barclay
autumn barclay
13 days 12 hours ago

Hey everyone, I am a big TF RB fan and I can’t wait for season 5, I heard it’s debut is in 2019, so until then, I will stay loyal to the Rescue Bots, so whad’ya say people, will you fans stay loyal too? Comment if you agree and I’m up for a conversation if anyone wants.

autumn barclay
autumn barclay
13 days 11 hours ago

Hey everyone, as a big Rescue Bots who is forced to wait until 2019 for season 5, I will remain loyal to the beloved show, what about you guys?, are you all loyal fans of the show? I’m free for a conversation if you want.

autumn barclay
autumn barclay
11 days 20 hours ago

Whoops, sorry for the double comment. 😬

autumn barclay
autumn barclay
7 days 11 hours ago

I got a really good idea for a future RB episode: Quickshadow is doing a rescue in Faxian and she almost falls off a ledge when a new bot catches her and helps her with the rescue, he reveals his name to be Tiger Claw and he says he’s looking for Griffin Rock since he’s one of Heatwave’s new students so she takes him to Griffin Rock and they meet up with Heatwave, Tiger Claw says Optimus gave him coordinates to Faxian instead of Griffin Rock, any way, a few days after Quickshadow returns to China and Tiger Claw starts his training, they actually start to miss each other, and on the Sunday when all the teams get together, Quickshadow finds Tiger Claw on the landing pad of the Training Centre and immediately runs to him and hugs him, Heatwave watching from behind the corner, Quickshadow is all lovey-dovey towards him and even goes as far as kissing him, once she finally pulls away and leaves him, Heatwave confronts him about it and Tiger Claw reveals he was not the one who started it, then they find out that Quickshadow has a rare condition that causes her to fall in love with any mech she comes into close contact with, so Blades has to take time off to search for ingredients for a cure that can permanently cure her condition. Once he finally returns, Tiger Claw is tired of Quickshadow’s affection, so all that stops once he cures her.

How about that then?