‘Top of the Lake’ Adds Nicole Kidman


Oscar winning actress Nicole Kidman is one of the many movie stars that are jumping to television. She brings her considerable acting talents to the second season of Top of the Lake and is expected to bring even more mystery to New Zealand. Kidman just recently finished work in HBO’s ‘Big Little Lies’ with Reese Witherspoon, and is expected to have a direct impact on the story in Top of the Lake. Her role is listed as unspecified, although it is expected to be major for the plotline.

Top of the Lake is about a pregnant 12 year old named Tui who tries to end her life in a lake. Her failed attempt leads Detective Robin Griffin to have multiple questions for the little girl, which inevitably leads to Tui’s disappearance. ¬†As she tries to search for the girl she begins to uncover secrets about the small town that are best left buried. The show has already won a Golden Globe and accumulated another 14 wins across several award shows. It was created and written by the duo of Jane Campion and Gerard Lee, with Campion also serving as one of the directors. This is Campions first big television effort since ‘Angel at My Table’.

The second season of the series will be titled ‘Top Of The Lake: China Girl’ and will take place four years after season 1. Fans should think of season 1 as a placeholder for how the rest of the series will play out, and with the addition of Kidman, they can take it in a bold new direction. Kidman was also excited to play the role since she will be spending time working in her home country of Australia.

What do you think the plotline will be like for season 2? What role will Nicole Kidman play for the rest of the series?

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