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A 24 season of Comedy series Top Gear aired on March 5, 2017

S24 Started March 5, 2017

The show focuses on the claims that manufacturers make about cars and decides whether the cars in fact live up to those claims. This show has possessed a natural following over the years due to the enormous market of viewers that love cars. Viewers get to test what they read about on a daily basis regarding the world’s hottest new cars and how they actually live up to all of the hype that was made about them through marketing and manufacturer’s claims.

What viewers should expect?

Each episode focuses on the latest greatest car that manufacturers and car experts have been talking about. The show then has expert hosts that will analyze the manufacturers claims and whether the car does in fact live up to their claims. This show engages the curious automobile viewer. The way that this show has sustained so many seasons is that the reality of the automobile market has new releases every year that are under scrutiny by future customers to see if these autos do in fact live up to their potential. For the car connoisseur, this show is the ideal fit for an enjoyable episode where each and every aspect of the car’s guarantees are being put to the test. In fact, this show can and will have an indefinite life span as long as new cars are being released and people are curious about what they are made of.

Each episode of Top Gear is a great pleasure for the true car lover to watch and study. This show not only appeals to those who have fantasies about cars, but also to those who are professionals in the auto industry and are experts in their own right. If you are looking for a rewarding way to spend watching a great series, consider giving #TG a try and you surely will not regret your decision.

Where can I watch TG?

#TopGear is a show for BBC. BBC is available all over the world even though it has different programming depending on the language and part of the world that you are watching in. If you are specifically looking for #TG, then you are going to have to hunt around for the right version of BBC. That being said, you can also stream the most recent episode on BBC’s website if you are unable to access the episode. If you are in the UK, most major cable and satellite providers have BBC and it will likely be very easy for you to access.

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Will there be another season of #TopGear?  

TG is the original part of the Top Gear franchise. This franchise has been immensely successful in a plethora of countries that has led to several spin off series all over the globe. Top Gear is currently on its twenty-third season. The series truly has gained its own following and it will likely be renewed for another season. Even though there was scandal recently with one of the former hosts, it is highly likely that the series will survive for many more seasons due to how many different hosts the series has seen over the years and how popular it


Where can I learn more about Top Gear?  

Top Gear is one of the shows on television that has the record of the most seasons. That being said, there are many current updates about the show that can be received through subscribing for email updates. Thus, if you want to be the first to hear about updates such as series renewal, episode debut dates or behind the scenes interviews, then be sure to subscribe to email updates.

In a move to take attention away from their Great British Bake Off blunder, The BBC has officially welcomed Matt LeBlanc back for two more seasons on Top Gear in 2017. There were so many 0’s behind that 2 million pounds they offered that it would have been insane to turn down.

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