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‘Top Gear’ Backs Up Brinks Truck For Matt LeBlanc


Apparently Man with a Plan doesn’t seem like the hit it was intended to be, which is odd since it hasn’t even premiered yet. Or perhaps the rumors were true about LeBlanc threatening to leave if a certain person wasn’t fired! Then there is the third option of BBC being scared witless after their loss of The Great British Bake Off.

Any of those options don’t really matter at this point, as Top Gear has made its decision and will pay LeBlanc 2 million pounds. The overall deal his him locked up for two seasons at over a million pounds per season! Fear of the recently released rival car show The Grand Tour could be the fourth option on why they overpaid for LeBlanc, as they are already getting trounced in the ratings and social media department.

The former friends star did a good job on the show, but was largely a more recognizable face than he was knowledgeable. And as bad as Chris Evans was on the show, he had a bit better chemistry with the rest of the hosts and crew compared to LeBlanc. This will be a real test for the upcoming 24th series in 2017, which is exactly why the BBC seems to be trumping up his importance to the show. But can LeBlanc be the face of the Top Gear franchise and still have it be a success?

There is a chance this could work, but it would require yet another revamp of the program. They need to surround LeBlanc with hosts that viewers can relate to, and ones that have his level of charisma. In BBC’s case, that is a lot harder than it sounds.

Was it a mistake to sign LeBlanc to that much money? Who should they surround him with to make the program better?


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