‘Top Chef’ Changes Up The Format


No one can ever say that Top Chef doesn’t innovate. The fantastic cooking show is set to do something a little different for the upcoming season 14 on December 1st, and it starts and ends with the contestants. Not only are they bringing back some of the old favorites, but there will also be a batch of new cooks competing as well. Bravo seems pretty excited as there are a lot of stars in the making on the upcoming show, even if they haven’t finalized the returning contestants yet. But here are the new competing cooks that will be returning, and it looks awesome!

Silvia Barban from Brooklyn, NY looks like the best of the bunch. Look for Barban to charm the judges with some of the best looking dishes this season. She owns Aita Restaurant and Larina Pastificio e Vino so also holds a lot of experience.

Jamie Lynch from Charlotte, NC can be considered one of the underdog contestants. He has an alternative style mixed with traditional roots thanks to his time at Le Cirque 2000 restaurant. If he can go all out in the early rounds he may surprise some of the judges with his abilities.

Sylva Senat from Philadelphia is the executive chef of Tashan, and considered the most ambitious of the group. He has natural talent with no culinary school background, showing just how much being a chef is in his bloodline. Senat has been mentored by several Top Chefs, and could be a wildcard in the competition.

Other new chefs include Emily Hahn, Annie Pettry, Gerald Sombright, BJ Smith and Jim Smith. There announcement of the returning chefs will take place on social media, and will no doubt change the odds against the newcomers.

What do you think of the new chefs? Do you have a favorite to win it all?


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