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‘To Selena With Love’ Is Heading To Television!


To Selena With Love is a bestselling book about the famous singer Selena. What made this different from Selena starring Jennifer Lopez is that it was less Hollywood and a truer story. Written by her husband Chris Perez, there are a lot of unexplored paths in the book that the movie didn’t have knowledge of.

Now they are adapting it to a television series, and it is already looking like it will surpass the movie. The book was published in 2012, covering their love story in-depth with brand new information surrounding the legendary Latin singer. When it comes to television, Perez will include even more details- many that never made it to print! Since the story will be told from his perspective there will be a lot of bias, but even the most diehard Selena fan can admit this is a series that is worth tuning into.

Major TV and Endemol Shine will handle both the English and Spanish adaptations, with the promise of additional materials related to the project. More than just Selena fans will be targeted for this project, so expect for there to be an ongoing relationship with all involved.

At her height, she was the most influential Latin artist in the world. The Grammy winner has sold over 60 million albums across the world, an impressive number considering she came out in the 80’s with other legendary artists. Both Amor Prohibido and Selena Live are classics, and up until her tragic death at the hands of a fan, she was set to change the music scene forever. It will be impossible to not compare this to the 1997 movie, so prepare for a lot of critiquing when it finally heads to a television set near you.

Will this be the best Selena epic ever? What was your favorite song from her?

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