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The Fourth season of the Home Renovation series Tiny House Nation premiered on January 7, 2017

S4 Started January 7, 2017


Tiny House Nation is the show that takes micro-living to a new level. This is a trend sweeping the nation that proves people can live quite peacefully in small areas no larger than 500 square feet (46 square meters). They are not only tiny, but they are energy efficient and creatively adorable, with interior style and minimalistic function that provides everything needed for basic human shelter and comfort.

Some families feel that cramped spaces can often be claustrophobic, but this series sets out to show that those who desire tight quarters can make it work on any budget. Hosted by John Weisbarth, he and expert renovator Zack Giffin assist people in designing building their tiny dream homes, often for less money and time than one would think possible.

John and Zack are passionate about what they do, and they have helped create tiny homes for extremely tall basketball players, families large and small, a tech-wiz couple who had to have a smart-tiny home, and tiny Victorian style homes.

This show has two other co-shows that also air on the FYI network, a subsidiary of A&E, called Tiny House Hunting and Tiny House World. This is a social and architectural statement being made by people who are into simple and functional living without the extra unnecessary fluff that is often sold to homeowners by real estate agents looking for commission on big homes.

Many families live outside of their financial means in this day and age, and this movement sets itself up to be an answer to the problem of over-consumption. While the average size of the American family decreasing, the average size of the American home has increased exponentially, from nearly 1,800 square feet in 1978 to almost 2,700 square feet by 2013!

Reviews Are Huge!

The FYI network is the first and only to feature shows about tiny living. Fans of this series have rated it high on IMDb, ranking it 8.1 out of 10 with nearly 150 votes cast. Viewers comment about the show being illuminating and instilling a sense of can-do for those who are looking to be inspired to build their own tiny home. Others view the show as a spectacle, and watch the series simply because they cannot believe that people actually live like this.

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Viewership is Steady!

Season 3 premiered on March 26, 2016, and earned a demo rating of 0.12 with 0.36 million viewers watching. In that premiere episode, John and Zack helped the 6’10” pro basketball player Matt Bonner create a tiny house for he and his family to live in that is less than 300 square feet! Also featured this season are a tiny house that also can be a pop-up shop for a clothing designer couple, and a surf-style love shack for a California couple.

The FYI network aired a special episode after season 3 had ended called Big Taste Tiny Kitchens on November 19, 2016. The network has not made any official announcements about a fourth season as of this writing, but the show seems to be doing well enough to warrant a long future on FYI.

#TinyHouseNation airs on Saturdays at 9pm ET on FYI. There are full episodes available on the network’s website, as well as tons of photos and articles about the tiny homes built on the show.

Are you part of the tiny house movement? Would you

rather live small and save money on cost of living, or have lots of space to spread out? What design style would you like to see John and Zack tackle next?

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Tiny House Nation will be airing season 4 on January 4th! Subscribers of FYI can also tune into the Christmas special on December 10th, so don’t miss out. The alternative living trend genre is getting stronger by the day!

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