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No decision has been made as to when production of Tiny House Hunting Season 4 will resume

Release Date of #THH S4: To be announced

Small is the New Black!

Tiny House Hunting has three seasons under its belt of showcasing some of the smallest living spaces in the US. As a spin-off from Tiny House Nation, this series follows buyers who desire tiny living through the searching process with their trusted real estate agents on the prowl for that perfect tiny spot of heaven.

This spin-off is only 30-minutes, but it packs a lot of information into that small amount of time. Senior Vice president of Programming and Development for the FYI network, Gena McCarthy, commented about what it takes to live small. “People have to have the courage and the desire to downsize,” she said, and emphasized that tiny-dwellers “have to be creative by making sure that every single item in the house has more than one function.”

The first two seasons feature real estate agents who are savvy tiny home hunters in big cities like Manhattan, to rural open spaces like Wyoming, to ultra-portable and stylish tiny homes in Portland, Oregon. There is even an episode with a tiny houseboat in Seattle. The one thing these hopeful homeowners have in common is their dream of living small.

Season 3 features a family of five looking to strike it small in the outskirts of Los Angeles, newlyweds searching for that first tiny space in Portland, and a couple who seek a tiny designer mobile home to plop in their massive backyard while they rent out their main home to save some massive cash for their travels.

Reviews and Ratings of Average Size.

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IMDb voters rank this show at a 7.3 out of 10 with 31 votes cast. Not too bad for a real estate show. Viewers have commented that they enjoy watching the process of finding a pre-existing small space that fits the buyers needs, and that the show is much like a big FAQ, answering all of their curiosities about living small.

The finale for season 3 aired on February 27, 2016, and earned a demo rating of 0.08 with only 0.27 million viewers watching. Those are pretty low numbers, and although the FYI network has not made any official announcements about the future of this series, it may not return for a fourth season without perhaps a major make-over and rebranding to attract a bigger viewership.

#THH airs on Saturday nights at 9:30pm ET on FYI. Full episodes are also available to stream on FYIs website.

Would you give up a big home to find that perfect tiny house? Do you feel that these real estate agents are able to connect with their clients to find

them exactly what they want? Are you excited about a fourth season of this show?

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