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‘This Is Not Happening’ Gains A Season 4 Renewal


Comedians telling a story in an organized format has never been so much fun. Comedy Central renewed the epic series This Is Not Happening for a fourth season, right around the time the show finished its third. It is one of the best shows on the network, and continues to give great insight into the minds of the serial jokesters.

  1. The renewal is for ten episodes, and producers are already lining up new comedians for the next season. Ari Shaffir will continue to serve as host and executive producer, having a strong say in the talent that will be on stage next year.
  2. Shaffir tried a lot of new things with the third season that will find its way into the fourth. He also introduced new comics, reintroduced old favorites and landed legends like Brian Regan and Doug Stanhope. This is important for the viability of the show and will attract even more big name people.
  3. This Is Not Happening is an attractive vehicle for big time comics to try out new material, and is the driving force behind recruiting. Shaffir has a lot of ties in the industry, so there is literally no one he can’t get. If the show keeps rolling forward at this pace, it can be bigger than anyone expected.
  4. With the ratings success of the show, it has made Comedy Central more aggressive in the shows the network brings to series from their digital platform on That’s where this show started, and look at where it is now!

Storytelling is one of the hardest things to add to a comedian’s routine, yet these guys make it look easy. Next year will be full of even more laughs as Shaffir and company continues with one of the best shows on the network.

What was your favorite story this year? Who would you like to see on stage next year?

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