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This Hour Has 22 Minutes: What to Expect from Season 24


Now having completed 23 seasons since it premiered in 1993, This Hour Has 22 Minutes is a long running satirical news and politics comedy series. Poking fun at the fact that a typical half hour show is 22 minutes long with eight minutes of commercials, while taking the rest of its title from the 1960’s news program This Hour Has Seven Days, the show is hugely popular and has won several awards. During each episode, the cast performs sketches about current news events, hilarious interviews, and parody commercials. 22 Minutes is an entertaining way to stay abreast of what’s going on in the news, even if the truth is sometimes twisted a little for laughs.

Who are the cast members?

Currently, the show has four members of the cast who are Cathy Jones, Mark Critch, Shaun Majumder, and Susan Kent. The group all act as anchors among their many other characters and roles. Cathy is the only remember of the original cast who remains active on the show. Her roles consist of Sandy Campbell, an entertainment show parody, Joe Crow, an environmental correspondent, an opinionated elderly woman named Miss Enid, Nancy Grace parody Betty Hope, and Janet Trucker an international relations worker. Mark has been on the show since 2003. His roles include parodies of real life figures Rex Murphy, Danny Williams, and Don Cherry. Shaun has also been on the show since 2003, but took a brief hiatus from 2010 until 2011. His roles include a parody of Ian Hanomansing, Indian sports nerd Raj Binder, and lumbersexual Barnibus Pine. Susan Kent is the newest member of the sketch group and joined in 2012. She plays a variety of characters.

What are the awards 22 Minutes has won?

Since the show’s inception, it has been nominated for 46 awards and won nearly as many, totally 37 awards since it received its first three in 1995. The first three it won were the Gemini award for Besy Comedy Series, Best Comedy Performance, and Best Comedy Writing. They proceeded to win the same awards again in 1996 and 1997, while winning other Geminis in 1998, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, and 2008, while receiving nominations in 2011, 2013 and 2014. It has also been the recipient of several Canadian Comedy Awards since 2000, and most recently has received nominations from the Canadian Screen Awards.

How have people responded to the show over time?

As with many long running television shows, many viewers are no longer being charmed by a once wildly popular comedy show. While people commended it during the first decade it ran, mainly because it was a new concept and they did an excellent job of making people laugh. However, as the show has continued, many viewers complain of tired jokes and overdone characters. Some are shocked that it continues to run despite so many complaints, and the number of award nominations have severely declined even though its ratings remain decent. Unless it can introduce some entertaining new characters over the next season, ratings may start to decline as people stop watching due to boredom with the series.

Has the show changed at all during its run?

Through the course of over two decades, the show has seen several different faces, including six members who are no longer on the show and several special guest stars. The amount of hosts has varied, and they have done different segments over time to keep up with current events. One of the most notable segment changes was prior to September 11, 2001, the show did a feature called Talking to Americans, where they interviewed Americans to find out how little they actually know about Canada.

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