‘The Zipcoders’ Is Going To Make A Run On ABC


The next family comedy on ABC will be a little different, and have a musical focus. The original comedy called Zipcoders is from Viola Davis, and is being filmed as a single camera comedy.

Zipcoders is about a divorced mother of three that makes a move to Texas after the events that led to the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. The move also has to do with being close to her sister, since the two were never close to begin with. Now that they are on the east side of Austin, they can start a new life away from all of the bad things.

Her three sons get together and form a rock and roll band that speaks to the many that are affected by the current tragedies during the late 60’s and early 70’s. Of course the first thing you would think is that they form a soul band or even a rapping trio, but for her three teenage sons to form a rock and roll band is something truly unique. Their music speaks to the community and the world as a whole, singing away their pains and distaste for the world around them. Their musical inspiration is The Beatles, so it’ll be interesting to see what the musical choices will be and if it lives up to expectations.

Marshall Todd will be the one to write the script, and is best known for Barbershop. There is a lot of talent involved in the project, with a lot of issues in the show mirroring those in today’s society. If ABC turns out to be a good home for the project then you can expect a lot more to come from Davis in the future.

Will the premise of Zipcoders sell on the ABC network? Who should they cast as the teenagers?

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