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ITV2 has renewed The Xtra Factor for Season 14, to air in August 2017

Release Date of #XtraFactor S14: August 2017

Just in case several giant singing competitions on TV back-to-back around the year weren’t enough, we have even more to add to the glut in reality television with reality shows about reality shows, sometimes called companion shows. The Xtra Factor is such a cleverly named growth which can be found on the back of The X Factor, one of the most popular singing competition shows of Britain. XF effectively doubles The X Factor’s timeslot with an additional hour on television after each episode.

The content of XF includes indispensable material related to the singers competing on the main part of the show. Here we see extra auditions, interviews with show losers or past winners, and other miscellaneous clips from the show. True fans of the series will probably appreciate it immensely. Those who don’t watch it so often will find it odd that the show takes up a two hour slot.

#XF is not alone, either. So great was the popularity of the parent show that other related programs with long titles such as The X Factor: The Aftermath or #XF: Xcess All Areas began to pop up for those members of the audience who couldn’t get through the long week (or few days, depending on whether there was a Sunday results show or not) subsisting on the pittance of tabloid rags and the entertainment portion of news programs. ITV managed to pare these excesses down and now only #XtraFactor remains as sole gratuitous related variety show.

The hodgepodge addendum currently scores a 3.6 out of 10 on IMDb, an even lower score than the already weak 4.5 for the main event. Also, while fans of the show feverishly gossip about it in forums and journalists barely seem to know it exists. It’s not widely featured on its own. On the other hand, clips of this sideshow are just as popular as clips of X Factor itself on YouTube. It’s hardly possible to separate the two.

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Such as been the case for over 10 years. Wherever X goes, Xtra is sure to follow close by in this symbiotic relationship. As the unbroken bond has lasted 13 years, it’s more likely than not to last in its current form, especially considering it has outlasted other specials without interruption. If you can’t get enough of this reality series, then you should continue to see all the behind-the-scenes clips of the Xtra Factor for a time to come. Should the X Factor lose its appeal at some point and be cancelled, Xtra will be dumped immediately as well. Even though the whole franchise has lost its luster in an increasingly competitive market in recent years, the main series still gets well over 8 million viewers on average, putting it consistently near the top of the yearly BARB ratings. This one probably isn’t going away any time soon.

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What do you think of #XtraFactor? Do you think former contestant Rylan Clark is doing a good job as co-host of the program? Do you think they should bring back The Aftermath and other spin-offs of the spin-off? Give us your comments and opinions down below.

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