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The Willis Family will not return for a Third series...

#WillisFamily Cancelled, No Season Three :(

After reaching the quarterfinals in the ninth season of America’s Got Talent in 2014, the family of 14 made their debut into their own show in 2015. The Willis Family had talent long before it was recognized on the talent show, but they brought their whole lives forward when their reality television program launched. Airing on TLC, the show follows the family and their many talents, from singing and dancing to wrestling and writing. Each family member is unique and has his or her own skills and interests, but as a group they make The Willis Clan, a musical group that has traveled around the world.

Who are the members of the Willis Family?

#WillisFamily is not to be reckoned with, as Brenda and Toby have twelve children who they home school, four boys and eight girls. Their oldest child and main singer and songwriter in the Willis Clan Band, Jessica, is 18 years older than their youngest child, Jada, who at five years old has danced on more stages than most adults have. In the middle are Jeremiah, the oldest son who is an award winning swing and Irish dancer, as well as wrestler, and plays several instruments, Jennifer, Jeanette, Jackson, Jedidiah, Jasmine, Juliette, Jamie, Joy and Jaeger who are all musically talented as well as dancers, with the brothers all participating in wrestling. There is certainly no shortage of talent in the family and they are sure to continue winning awards and gaining popularity.

Where are some of the places they have traveled?

As the family is of Irish descent, they make an effort to travel to Ireland each year to do a fan tour. They visit several venues during their tenure there and play many different performances. When they aren’t traveling there, there are few places in the United States they haven’t played a show. They lived in Chicago until 2001, when they decided to make the move to Tennessee. Although they currently live in Tennessee and regularly make appearances at the Grand Ole Opry, they have traveled to California, to Texas, to Pennsylvania and many places in between. They are constantly on the go and its shocking they have time to even film a reality show with all the moving around they do.

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How does religion impact the show?

Both Toby and Brenda grew up in religious Christian homes, especially with Toby’s father being a Reverend. Thus it was very important to raise their children the same, just maybe not as extreme as other reality families. While the family has experienced a lot of tragedy, from a car wreck that killed six of Toby’s younger siblings, and a fire that destroyed his and Brenda’s home, they have been able to turn to God to help them through the hard times and through their sorrow. And it has helped them to thrive and become the talented and grateful people that they are. It also influences some of their music and gives the family a structure for their hectic life.

Is this a good show for children?

The show is full of great family friendly messages that make it appropriate for children. It shows them that if they

work hard, they can accomplish nearly everything they set their mind to do. Their music is really the central part of the show, and being Christian and Irish influenced, it is something that parents can safely let their children listen to without worrying about some of the risqué lyrics of other modern musicians. It may not be the most interesting for children, but the values that they convey are something that many families can enjoy.

In a shocking development, Willis Family dad Toby Willis is facing charges concerning a minor. Willis Family has been effectively cancelled on TLC, and the network is facing its worst scandal since the Duggars.

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