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The ‘Westworld’ Finale Was Insane


Westworld just shocked millions of viewers worldwide with the season 1 finale. If you hate spoilers, then everything below this sentence will send you into a super rage.

The Man In Black was finally confirmed as William, after weeks of speculation and teasers leading up to that point. He shared the best scene in the episode with Delores as he confessed to her his true identity. She managed to beat him up a little bit and break his arm, but amazingly froze when it came to pulling the trigger. That hesitation has Ford’s fingerprints all over it.

As for Ford, he turned from the bad guy into the good guy! Ford has spent decades correcting the earlier mistakes he made with his friend Arnold. While the show made it look like the hosts were reaching consciousness due to the efforts of Arnold, it was actually Ford who continued Arnold’s work in trying to free the hosts. His last wish before Delores gunned him down on stage seemed final, and he simply wanted the hosts to take control of their lives. But was that really Ford that got shot?

But the most frustrating part of the show comes down to the almost 2 year wait for a new season. There was no finality in the episode, and there were a lot of cliffhangers. The hosts have basically taken over the park, and there is a good chance they will replace all of the board members they killed with host alternatives. It will be about 2018 before the next season airs, and that’s maddening for a show that had such a slow burn and then dropped a bomb in its season one finale.

What shows will you watch until HBO’s Westworld returns? Did the finale excite you enough to come back for the next season?

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