‘The Warriors’ Coming To Hulu?


If someone said they were rebooting another old series, no one would bat an eye in the current era of a million remakes. Yet the remake of The Warriors movie into a Hulu television adaptation is, in one word, bold.

The streaming provider has been lagging behind in original series for a while, even with their catalog of great shows. This latest reboot is a good idea because it has an instant fan base due to the failed revival attempt by Tony Scott. A lot of souls were crushed on that day, although it was probably for the best since he wanted to make significant changes to the series.

Anthony and Joe Russo will reimagine the series for Hulu, and have already looked to remain faithful to the series. The Warriors is set in the 70’s and is about New York gangs and their crews, in about the dirtiest way you could imagine it. The movie was a cult hit and led to a comic book and video game, both bringing great interest to the series.

HBO failed when it tried to recreate the era with ‘Vinyl’, so Hulu does have its work cut out. No word yet on the casting, and the series will most likely appear in 2017-2018. That’s a lot of time to get it right with the people they hire in the series, and also a lot of time to do things wrong (like Scott’s idea of changing the setting to Los Angeles)

Gritty and New York go together, and as long as they don’t censor the very adult theme of the show, this will be the greatest thing on Hulu for years. Everyone is rooting for the show to be a huge success!

Do you think Hulu will do the show justice? Which actors would you like see cast in it?

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