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The Walking Dead: What to Expect from Season 7


We are currently knee-deep in season 6 of AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead. Up until now we have seen Carl be put in peril, Rick lose a romantic interest and gain another immediately after, and Glenn nearly die an uncountable amount of times, putting a lot of stress on viewers who adore the character. There has been a lot of buzz as season 6 leads into the end of the season. What we expect from the rest of this season is another big death and ending the show on a cliffhanger for season 7 to pick up from. The current rumor is that Carol or Maggie may not make it to see season 7, but it still remains to be seen if we will actually lose either character. Season 7 should begin airing in October 2016.

Into season 7, it’s hard to say what characters will be safe. It seems that no one is truly safe, all placed in a position of mortal terror each episode. For the time being at least, it seems we can expect to continue to see Rick, Carl, and Michonne as the three characters have proven repeatedly that they are survivors. Carol seems to be losing grip on herself and may be having some kind of psychological breakdown, putting her character at risk for being taken down. Daryl and Glenn are both fan favorites and would be devastating loses if they did somehow not make it. Considering the ingenuity of both of the characters, it would take something massive to kill them off. Glenn was in a position like that already this season, but was fortunately saved by Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl during a walker slaughter in episode 9 of season 6.

We do know that Maggie will at least survive to the season finale of season 6 because Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, has already discussed filming the finale. At this point in the show, Carol and Maggie are about to be captured by the brutish Negan, but in the comic book series, we know that the women are released but not killed. The show has strayed away from the comic in several areas, so while we remain hopeful that the two women will make it out alive, we cannot know for sure. In the comic book series readers met Negan after he smashed Glenn’s head in with his beloved weapon “Lucille,” which is a baseball bat that has been wrapped in barbed wire. The actor set to play Negan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, has stated the character in the show will be very similar to the book, so while it may not be Glenn getting his brains bashed in, it is most likely going to be someone. While Glenn had gotten the boot in the book, fans are likely to turn on the show if Glenn gets taken out, especially in such a sudden manner.

If the TV series continues to follow the story arc of the comic book series, we can expect that in season 7, we will see a war between our heroes and the Saviors, led by Negan. The war in the books was long and bloody and they could definitely spend an entire season based on the conflict. Rick remains the main character in both the books and the show, and Carl also manages to stay alive, despite missing one eye. Knowing that, Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs will certainly be sticking around the show for at least season 7.
You can watch current episodes of The Walking Dead on AMC Sunday nights at 9:00 or on AMC’s website. Previous seasons are available for viewing on Netflix.

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