‘The Walking Dead’ Prepares For War


If you missed The Walking Dead midseason finale, then you may want to avoid the spoilers ahead! Producers did a good job of not annoying the fan base by ending on a cliffhanger, and instead ended with ‘hope’. It looks like Rick Grimes and his crew are finally back and ready to take on Negan.

Absent from the episode was King Ezekiel, although Carol, Morgan and one of the Kingdom’s cronies made an appearance. That part of the storyline was the only letdown from an otherwise excellent episode. Negan avoided death by the ‘bullet’ that Rosita stupidly shot, even after warnings from Eugene, the now deceased Spencer and Gabriel. She has replaced Eugene as the dumbest character on the show, which was a hard thing to do considering his season 6 snitching.

The bigger question throughout all of this is who is the bad guy? With the writers dressing up Negan in black and having him kill off popular characters it’s easy to see who they want the fans to hate. But is he really the bad guy? All of this started with Rick and company killing over 100 of Negan’s men, who had absolutely no idea of their existence. At this point Rick and his crew should have been labeled the bad guys, and as strange as it sounds, Negan has been pretty civil up to this point.

All of this matters since the midseason finale concentrated on Rick ‘waking up’ and deciding to go to war with Negan, despite the consequences. In a show where the main antagonist has as much blood on his hands as the protagonist, who do the fans root for? No matter what team you’re on, when The Walking Dead returns it will be an incredible watch!

What did you think of the midseason finale? Who are you rooting for?

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