‘The Walking Dead’ Just Took A Dangerous Turn


Spoilers are ahead, so beware if you haven’t seen the latest episode. Negan is nuts, and not the normal kind. Negan is the kind of nuts that is unpredictable, and that’s what makes him so fun. The best thing to happen to The Walking Dead universe since Shane continues to deliver tense moments whenever he is on the screen.

The past episode was all about Carl going on a one man mission to kill Negan and failing horribly. He did manage to take out two guards in the process of his suicide mission but fell into the television trope trap of listening to a bad guy ramble. While Negan was rambling and in plain killing view, Carl was tackled and eventually subdued. It was straight out of an old James Bond movie, and almost made the episode unwatchable- then the magic happened.

Through the episode viewers got treated to the world of Negan, as he dragged poor Carl along like a puppy. The threat of getting killed loomed over Carl’s head, yet it seemed as though Negan had something more nefarious in mind. The episode ended with Negan on Rick’s porch, holding Carl’s sister and looking like the replacement daddy. And for what it’s worth, Carl didn’t seem that bothered when Negan admitted he liked it there and there was no reason to keep Carl or Rick around! This was a pretty entertaining Negan episode, yet there were some important moving parts.

Rosita forced Eugene to make her a bullet, Michonne hijacked a Negan truck and demanded to be taken to him, Jesus (may have) slipped Daryl a get out of jail free letter and Dwight may be changing sides very soon. That last part is very important, and it may turn out that it was Dwight who let Daryl out of jail.

Was this the best episode of the series this season? What do you think of Negan as a villain?

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