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The Village will not return for a Third series...

#Village Ended, No Season Three :(

The Village is a drama series airing on BBC One. The series first aired in March 2013. There have been two seasons of the series so far. The series was created by Peter Moffat. He hopes that the series will eventually reach 7 seasons, a total of 42 hours. The first season covered 1914 to 1920 and the second season kept the series going into the 1920s.

There has been no word yet on a third season, but a renewal seems likely for the critically acclaimed series.

What It’s About?

The series follows the events in a Derbyshire village. The story is told through Bert Middleton, who grows up over the course of the series. He is portrayed by a four different actors of varying ages over the course of the series thus far. The cast of the series is quite large as the whole village is represented. Moffat has expressed the desire to create a series similar to the German saga Heimat which follows a family over a number of decades.

Where We Left Off?

In the finale for season 2, John comes out of his coma and is having a hard time talking. Grace is worried that he will remember having seen her with Bill. Bert is angry with his mother. Gibby has plans to flood the village to create a reservoir as drinking water for Sheffield, but Edmund objects. Eyre and Martha leave for Africa. Caro wants to find her and Joe’s son, who was adopted without her permission. Her family tells her that he has died and she tries to drown herself.

George and Bairstow rescue her. The boys whereabouts are learned by Bairstow who tells George. George then brings Caro’s son to her. Edmund attempts to fire him but Bairstow threatens to tell Edmund’s secret and Edmund desists. The reservoir plan is discovered by Grace who makes it her mission to stop it. She also makes up with John. Bert resolves to propose to Phoebe.

What’s Next?

There has been no announcement yet on a renewal for a third season but we do know that the plans for the show involve seven seasons. The series has a history of going a long time between announcements so there’s no reason to be concerned for the future of the show. An announcement could come at any time.

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A lot happened in the finale that will need to be dealt with in the next season. Gibby’s plans for the reservoir will continue to cause issues for the town, as it’s success means the village is underwater. Grace is also on the war path about the reservoir which should get the issue some more attention. She and John have made up but that doesn’t mean everything is forgotten between them.

The drama with Caro’s son is probably going to continue on into the next season as well. We’ll definitely see some development in Bert and Phoebe’s story as he prepares to pop the question. Edmund isn’t going to just let himself be blackmailed by Bairstow so that’s likely to come up again as well.

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2 months 9 days ago

OMG was such a good series was poorly and confined to my bed where I watched season 1 & 2 in 2 days I love all the actors who have played Bert so far I don’t think he really wants to marry Phoebe he should go find his friend and have a life first think he might regret it … please let there be a season 3

2 hours 2 minutes ago

I sincerely hope that The Village does continue on to 7 series. This was such a well done story that is clearly not finished. I enjoy historical series such as these and would love to see the rest of the tale! Please Mr. Moffat don’t leave us hanging!