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The fate of The Vet Life Season 2 remains up in the air

Release Date of #VetLife S2: To be announced

Originally announced with the working title of Texas Vet, Animal Planet’s The Vet Life premiered in early June after much anticipation. Following three vets out of Houston, Texas, the reality documentary show is slated to have eight episodes in its premiere season. The clinic is very successful, and the series offers an unparalleled insight into what it is like to work at such a busy animal hospital that’s goal is to save as many lives as they can. The doctors are talented and likeable, spreading their love to both the animals and their owners alike. Anyone who has a passion for animals, or who may be interested in one day becoming a vet, this series covers a lot of the behind the scenes that will prove to be fascinating to viewers.

How are people reacting to the series?

Since the series premiered on June 4, people have been thrilled with the show. The three vets, Doctors Blue, Ross and Lavigne are all talented and engaging, and their obvious passion for animals is what makes the series so engaging. It is clear that they want to help not only the animals, but also make sure their owners are well taken care of and understanding of what is going on throughout the process of their pets and animals being cared for. Some critics have found the show to be just another vet show, and say there isn’t much to set it apart. But most importantly of all, it is obvious the vets love what they do and will go to any extent to help the animals in their care.

What’s going on so far in the premiere season of #VetLife? 

The season started off rough for the doctor’s as Dr. Aubrey was in a car accident that keeps him away from treating his animals. When he returns, he realizes he may be a little overwhelmed at first, but makes things happen regardless. His co-workers who are also his friends plan an outing to lift his spirits, and the team serves a goat farm and enjoy a cook off, in the most recent episode.

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When can people expect to see the second season of #VetLife? 

Even though the series only debuted on June 4, it is almost halfway through the first, eight episode season, and people are wondering if and when they’ll see the second season. Typically for a series this new, the networks will wait until the series has wrapped up its first season before announcing whether it will continue, and with average ratings, there is no reason for them to make any early special announcements about a second season. Stay tuned over the summer to hear about when viewers can expect to see season two of VL.

Is this a good show for families to watch together? 

Especially for families with pets, but great for anyone who wants their children to have a healthy respect for animals, #VL offers insight into what happens at a veterinary office and how animals are treated behind closed doors. This acts as a great teaching tool for children with pets who want to

know what vets do to help their beloved pets, while also teaching them healthy habits for animal caretaking. Some of the animals featured on the show have gotten themselves into trouble, and kids seeing what can happen with just a tiny bit of not paying attention can do will help them to be more attentive pet owners. Even for those without pets, they can learn particular behaviors and how they should act around unfamiliar animals.

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Sally term
Sally term
1 year 7 months ago

I love the show! Bring it back!

Cynthia Jackman
Cynthia Jackman
3 months 14 days ago

Best show on Animal Planet. BRING IT BACK ASAP!!!