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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Releases New Promo


With the sudden and final season of Vampire Diaries upon the entire world, The CW is making it a point to turn up the marketing and get people’s attention for the final season. An official promo for the series showed a much darker side of the program than usual. While The Vampire Diaries has always had a bit of a dark tone, it was much underplayed. (at one point 3 people got their necks snapped in a single episode, yet came back to life)

The first episode of season 8 is titled Hello Brother, and is expected to be a very powerful episode for longtime viewers of the series. With all of the chaos that is expected to happen in the last season, will there be time for any happiness? A bit of time for the coupled up people on the show to reflect? A lot of times with final season’s writers get a little crazy with the storylines and forget that this is also supposed to be a last hurrah for the characters involved. It would be a shame if the show didn’t take a break at some point in the season and give the characters time to reflect on 8 seasons of excellence.

Executive producer Julie Plec is playing up the Damon is dark storyline again, as the anti-hero once again turns to evil, but for a different reason. At this point Damon has had more heel turns than a WWE wrestler, so whatever new storyline they have set up for him this season won’t be satisfying unless it ends with him dead. Yes, viewers should be prepared for one of the Salvatore brothers to officially bite the dust. The Vampire Diaries season premiere will be on October 21st and should be explosive.

Which brother will die by the end of the series? Who has turned evil the most, Damon or Stefan?

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