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‘The Vampire Diaries’ And Nathalie Kelley


Evil has always taken the form of some of the most beautiful men and women in the world, and The Vampire Diaries plans to go out with that same mantra. The show will introduce ‘UnREAL’ actress Nathalie Kelley in their final season 8, and she will be the epitome of evil playing the role of Sybil.

Sybil is no lightweight character, and will possibly be the group’s biggest challenge to overcome. She is an immortal that plays with her victims just for the fun of it. That about sums up the most evil kind of character you can get, one that would play with the very life of a person for their own amusement. There are layers to this immortal that go beyond that, but it won’t be revealed until later in the series.

They are putting a lot of stock into Sybil, and calling her a classic villain. There hasn’t really been a real evil/charming villain on the show worth mentioning since Klaus, so Sybil could very well be the perfect person for the final season that could trump their best villain.

Elsewhere in the show, Kristen Gutoskie and Demetrius Bridges have been added as cast members in minor roles. These are exciting times for fans of the series as they wait to see all of the action leading up to the series finale. Questions are already starting to pile in about Sybil’s origin, and whether she has some relation to Silas, the first immortal being. There is even a chance that she can be more powerful than him, which is saying a lot considering how much havoc he caused. If she is half as interesting as people think she will be, then this choice makes sense regardless.

How good of a character will Sybil be? Was she the correct choice for an ending villain of the final season?

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