‘The Vampire Chronicles’ Is Coming To Television


If you thought for a second that the current vampire craze was ending, then think again. The biggest name in Vampire lore is making her presence known on the small screen, as Anne Rice is looking to bring The Vampire Chronicles to television.

Before Vampires sparkled and had love triangles with high school girls, there was some really mature (even frightening) literature being created by Anne Rice in a series of bestselling books. These books would go on to create sub-par movies, although their hearts were in the right place. Interview with a Vampire and Queen of the Damned were the two books that were made into movies, with the former being quite good. The latter was marred by the death of its star actress Aaliyah, leading to a lot of production issues to finish the movie.

So it’s telling that the successful movie of the two still didn’t live up to the standard of the books. Interview with a Vampire was a casting phenomenon starring Brad Pitt, Christian Slater, Tom Cruise, Thandie Newton, Kirsten Dunst, Helen McCrory and more. Anne Rice fans have been asking for this television adaptation for years, as The Vampire Chronicles remains one of the many mature vampire books without a proper media adaptation.

It also helps that they are promising a faithful rendering and a full on Game of Thrones style format. That means nothing will be cut, and it will be as brutal as the source material. The only way this would work is if it went to a channel like HBO, since not even FX could handle the material. The project is already underway, so if it gets picked up by anyone other than a streaming network or a subscription cable service, prepare to be disappointed.

How will this stack up against the movies? What channel would you like to see the finished product on?

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