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No decision has been made as yet regarding the further production of The Treehouse Guys Season 3

Release Date of #TreehouseGuys S3: To be announced

The Treehouse Guys is a show on the DIY Network, following the eponymous business as they build custom treehouses. An actual business, Treehouse Guys, LLC has been in business over 15 years, designing expert treehouses for a variety of clients. While the original company is based in Vermont, the show takes the two owners, Chris Haake, also known as “Ka-V” and James Roth, also known as “B’fer”, all across the country as they serve a variety of clients. While originally on the DIY Network, it can now also be seen the Great American Country Network as well.

Some of the locations that the Treehouse Guys are servicing in their latest season are Worchester, MA, Linden, VA, Smokey Mountains, NC, and West Memphis, AK. Along the course of the season, they are also dealing with some families with a unique set of needs, such as a family of climbers, a couple that needs to travel the world for their work, and a military couple looking to set up a retreat near the river. Half the fun of the show has always been The Guys servicing these unique demands as well as the science of putting the treehouses together. Which part of the show do you enjoy more?

The show hasn’t had much in the way of critical attention, probably due to the nature of the show as well as the fact that it has not been on television for a very long time. However, viewer reviews have been quite positive. This is probably a good sign, as shows like these tend to cater to a very specific type of audience—be they home improvement enthusiasts or simply hobbyists. Winning their approval means that the show is doing a lot of things right. Some of the things that have earned praise are the amount of time spent on the construction, rather than outside drama like other shows do.

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At the moment, no word has come out regarding a third season of TG. Being a relatively new show on the DIY Network, it may not necessarily be as safe as the some of the more established shows on the channel. However, it has been relatively well-received, even if it isn’t a massive ratings splash. If anything, the strongest thing that it has going for it is its genre. While it may sound a bit surprising to outsiders, this show isn’t the only treehouse building show on TV. Since this is DIY’s take on the genre, we may sit it for a while to ride out the trend by serving as the channel’s offering. At one

point, further casting calls were up on the HGTV website at one point, so we may not be done with the show yet.

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