The Top Reasons To Love ‘Ronia the Robbers Daughter’


Amazon is making a power play with their English adaptation of Ronia the Robber’s Daughter. The animated kids show has been a big hit in Japan since 2014. While it’s nice to see the occasional anime get an English adaptation (and of course the ones where they only adapt half a series) Ronia is different than regularly classified anime. And strangely enough, it looks like Disney ripped off part of the plot of Lion King 2 from the show’s premise.

When they adapt it in English, Gillian Anderson will be the narrator. Who doesn’t love Anderson? And on a low note this won’t take away a lot of time in her schedule, leaving X Files producers even more flexibility with managing her schedule.

There are already 26 episodes done, they just need to adapt it for an American audience. The biggest part of the adaptation will be changing it for northern audiences, so the script will be huge. There is still the possibility of them cutting out some of the animated portions and adding here and there, but nothing major needs to be done. The series is ready to go out of the box once the narration is done.

This is not the first adaptation of the original book, which will lead to immediate sales. Ronja Robbersdaughter (Ronja Rövardotter) was a live action version of the animated series. The movie did great, and was adapted successfully for American audience in 1986. Amazon didn’t just land a series, they landed a possible franchise!

Ronia is an excellent series to watch, no matter your age. Amazon will make good use of it and may even raise the eyebrows of Hulu and Netflix when it comes to their own animated series for families.

What was your favorite adaptation of the book? Who would you have picked as a narrator?


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