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The Special Needs Hotel will not return for a Second series...

#SNH Cancelled, No Season Two :(

The Special Needs Hotel is a reality series that will premiere on the CBC Network in Canada, but originates in the United Kingdom. The documentary based reality series, otherwise known as a docu-series, focuses on the lives of several young people with intellectual and learning disabilities as they learn the necessary skills to work in the hospitality industry. The series will premiere for the first time on the CBC Network on August 25th, but has been imported from the Sky Vision (Channel Five) Network in the United Kingdom. The series originally premiered in the United Kingdom on September 3rd, 2015.

What is the premise of this new show?

The series, #SpecialNeedsHotel, follows Foxes Academy, which is an organization that gives young people with various disabilities the opportunity to gain experience working in the hospitality industry. The reality series is explored in a “charming and lighthearted way”. And follows the stories of the different young people as they work their way up through the ranks of the academy and eventually get to work in the Foxes Hotel.

The Foxes Hotel is a full service hotel that is open to the public and competitive for customers, which means that the staff of the hotel must be on their game all of the time. This series focuses on the day-to-day trials and tribulations of the students going through the academy and the staff that support them.

The program is located off of the Somerset coast in Minehead. The students on the show are all between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five. While these students face extra challenges, the stories that are told on the show are universal to almost every human and the experiences and challenges that they face.  At the end of the academy, on average, 85% of the students featured will get a job.

The first instalment of the docu-series was featured in three parts.

Who is on the cast of the show?

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The show explores the lives of twenty-two young people who are working their way through the academy. Much of the focus in the documentary is on Amanda, Conor, Katie, and Thomas. All of the learners have some sort of disability whether it is a learning disability or an intellectual disability. Some of the young people have ADHD while other students in the program are living life with Autism.

Will the show be returning for another season?

While the first season of the show will be premiering on CBC at the end of August, the full first season (consisting of three parts) already aired in its entirety in the United Kingdom last fall. We have not heard an official announcement one-way or the other if the docu-series will be renewed for another instalment or not.

Where the first season of the documentary was featured in three parts, it is plausible that this program was an isolated special feature. However, the docu-series was generally well received, and we think it’s possible that you will see the project continued on further in the future to explore how the lives of these young people are going. Stay tuned and

we will keep you updated with all of the details as we get them!

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What do you think of the series, #SNH? Were you able to watch the show when it premiered in the United Kingdom? Are you excited that the show will be making its way to the Canadian airwaves? Do you think it will be renewed for another season? Weigh in and let us know your thoughts and reactions!

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Syoko Watanabe
Syoko Watanabe
9 months 9 days ago

I wish this documentary would be available as DVD someday.