‘The Son’ Releases A New Trailer


Even though The Son is set to premiere on April 4th, critics are already piling on and calling it an exceptional show. This is the newest drama to come to AMC and it may turn out to be one of its best. The show is based on the bestselling novel by Philipp Meyers and will run a full 10 episodes in the freshman season.

Pierce Brosnan will play the lead as Eli McCullough, the heart and soul of a wealthy Texas family with Comanche tribe history. Things get a little heavy since there is oil involved, and with all of the money involved with it, things get out of hand real fast. The network released the first trailer for the series and it does a pretty clean job of setting up the tone of the entire show. Viewers will be able to tell from the trailer if they’ll like it or not, which is something that’s hard to do with a formulaic story like The Son.

The Son will use two concurrent time periods to tell its story. A younger Eli will be played by Jacob Lofland, a young man that is kidnapped by a tribe of Comanche and eventually indoctrinated into their tribe. This is the set up for the present day Eli, who while successful, has trouble keeping his influential business out of the red.

Early on in development the series lost Sam Neill, so picking up Brosnan was quite the upgrade. Their good fortune may turn into a big series next year if the narrative hits the right note. Even if it is half as good as the trailer, The Son will survive a first season and beyond.

What did you think of the trailer that AMC released for the show? Will it go beyond one season or be a one hit wonder?

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