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The Search for Canada’s Next Designer Season 2? Fate still up in the air

Release Date of #SCND S2: To be announced

Interior design has gotten the short end of the stick in the realm of reality competition television series’. Yet it’s not hard to see it on television. You see it especially on channels such as HGTV and the DIY Channel which feature home improvement programs. More often than not, interior design will play a big role in trying to flip a house for a profit or simply improving one’s living conditions. It might rarely be referred to as its formal name, but it’s always there couched in terms of construction and repair.

For this show, the banner of the designer subculture is waved with some temerity, but not with an undue amount of pride. The odd title does not reveal what type of designers will be showcased here; nor does the title have the usual qualifier of “top” or “best” as these shows tend to have. The marketing could certainly use some work.

The program is a partnership between Gusto and Ikea (with Gusto’s parent company Bell Media always behind the scenes). Gusto creates the show itself while Ikea provides the materials as well as the stingy reward of giving the winner some sort of position as a designer as well as a trip to Sweden. There is no cash prize and there’s hardly any glory, seeing as the winner isn’t even Canada’s “top” designer. It feels like a very long job interview more than anything.

The first season has concluded with the winner being Niagara Falls native and self-styled Marcy Mussari. Mussari styles herself a “YouTube personality” when asked about her occupation, but with less than 200 subscribers, the title isn’t currently a very accurate description of her endeavors. She does have a good on-screen presence, though, so it’s not unlikely that she’ll be able to do justice to her claim in the future and it’s also no surprise that she won the competition.

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Perhaps due to the nebulous title or the limited market for design competition shows, she program hasn’t been spectacularly comfortable on its network of Gusto. However, this is the first reality television series for the network and it is a concept which has not been done very directly in the past, so they may continue with it as a matter of defining their brand. No updates on a possible season two have, as of yet, been announced.

We have no news as of yet regarding the show’s future, but as soon as we do, we’ll be putting the word out. Sign up to our E-mail notification list down below if you want to keep yourself informed about the future of this show. We’ll be sending out short e-mail updates if the show is renewed for season two. If it’s cancelled instead, we’ll give

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How did you like the first season of The Search for Canada’s Next Designer? Do you think this show has a place on television, or are your professional home design needs met by do-it-yourself house fixing programs such as a Flipping Out or Property Brothers? Do you think someone with only 200 YouTube subscribers can be considered a YouTube personality? Give us your comments and opinions down below.

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