‘The Sackett Sisters’ Is Coming To NBC


The unlimited talent of Tina Fey has struck again, as the actress-comedian used her Little Stranger production company to push The Sackett Sisters to NBC. With a put pilot commitment in place, she will team with executive producer Robert Carlock and writer Luke Del Tredici to bring the new comedy series to life.

Fey has been good to NBC, which is why the keep her under contract. The network often gets first look deals, and it looks like The Sackett Sisters may be the best thing since 30 Rock. The show is about two sisters that are close in blood only, who end up becoming nationally recognized after a public act of heroism. After becoming the most famous sisters in the world, they use this newfound success to chart new paths in their life-together.

Since 30 Rock ended, Fey has developed a lot of shows that have gone on to high profile sales. She often keeps in contact with her old crew from the show, so there is always a creative collaboration taking place on or off the screen. To date, she has scored 4 television pilots with former 30 Rock collaborators. And the most amazing thing is that they’re spread across several other networks, like ABC and CBS. Some are even set for midseason of next year, with the hope that they will be brought to a full series.

A lot of people would love for The Sacket Sisters to star Fey and Amy Poehler. The two have been in the spotlight for years and have unbreakable chemistry. But it seems like she may be targeting a new female duo, so stay tuned to see who the bright young stars will be.

Should Fey and Poehler star in the series? Or is it better for her to search for new talent to launch the show off of the ground?

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