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‘The Punisher’ Adds Michael Nathanson


Michael Nathanson is now going to be a recurring character in the upcoming Punisher spinoff series. He will be Homeland Security agent Sam Stein, and a reluctant partner to Dinah Madani. This is good news as the show keeps growing, and so far it looks like Billy Russo and Micro will be the best characters to watch besides the main title character.

Jon Bernthal is of course playing the Punisher, and has already let had his presence felt by guesting on Daredevil. Luke Cage so far has looked like the best Netflix superhero spinoff, yet it looks like Punisher will take that crown in 2017 when it debuts. The first two episodes are the most important, so Steve Lightfoot will write both. He will also serve as the showrunner and executive producer, leading the series into a specific tone for the next guy to take over. So what is the tone that they want to set? Well if the previous movies are any indication, it’s that The Punisher is not to be messed with. Just like Batman, he is a 100% human vigilante. Writing his story will be a lot different than any other Marvel hero, since he is very much an anti-hero.

Jeph Loeb and Jim Chory will also handle executive producing duties, as this will be a coordinated team effort. The Punisher will be the most high profile new Marvel show on Netflix in 2017 and will lay the groundwork for all of the Marvel shows title characters eventually teaming up. Daredevil did take a bit of a dip in the second season, but recovered just in time to pass the torch to the next great Netflix show.

Will the Punisher be the best Marvel show on Netflix? What is the best superhero themed show to come out on the streaming giant?

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