‘The Punisher’ Adds Deborah Ann Woll


There is no hiding the role that the Punisher has for Deborah Ann Wall, as she will be a close friend and confidant to him in the upcoming series. The two characters bonded on Daredevil and may have gotten a lot closer than expected as she played Karen Page. Where that leads to is another story, but Frank Castle hasn’t shared this much personal information with anyone since his family died.

Wall will still be a regular on Daredevil where she plays the love interest of Matt Murdock. That once uncomplicated relationship became a little more crowded when she figured out his secret identity. The fallout from that is still ongoing, and may lead to a harsher reaction than expected. She has always been a level headed character so it isn’t like she will go off the deep end. Having The Punisher around complicates things, since he confided in her at a time where Daredevil outright lied to her. And let’s be honest here, Matt Murdock is about as sociable as Bruce Wayne.

There will be plenty of time to figure out all the nuances of their relationship and whether Karen loves Frank when the new series premieres in 2017. Speaking of that premiere date, some estimates put it at 2018, so be wary of shifting schedules. Filming began about a week ago, and there is no telling how ambitious they plan on getting with the series. The Punisher is all about destruction and violence, so there will be a lot of explosions with dead bodies in his wake. Don’t expect for the series to be light on the pyrotechnics or stunts, and expect for a lot of awards for technical achievements to come its way.

Will Karen Page end up in love with Frank Castle? Or will she stay true to Matt Murdock and figure out things there?

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