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The fate of The Pinkertons Season 2 remains up in the air

Release Date of #Pinkertons S2: To be announced

The Pinkertons is a Canadian western, crime, detective drama TV series that arrived on our TV screens in 2014 from the creators Adam Moore and Kevin Abrams with production from Rosetta Media and Buffalo Gal Pictures.

What’s It All About?

#Pinkertons focuses on the lives of a son and his father who team up with what happens to be the first female detective in the old Wild West. The show features cases from the Pinkerton Detective Agency which are real life cases which date back to the 1860s.
Throughout season 1 viewers found out that Kate is the forensic expert and she is brilliant in her work and is the expert when it comes to undercover. William is the type of person who prefers to shoot first and then ask questions.

What’s Been Happening?

Season 1 episode 1 of @Pinkertons arrived on our TV screens on October 4 2014 and saw Allan Pinkerton along with his son Will teaming up with Kate Warne, the first ever female detective in the Wild West. The episode was set just following the first ever recorded train robbery and not only do the three have to work together to solve the case they also have to learn how to work together. The season ran until May 23 2015 over 22 episodes.
Throughout the season we saw the threesome dealing with the death of a whiskey magnate, an actor’s death connected to the assassination of Lincoln, preventing the assassination of a Civil War hero and a man who was frozen to death.
So is there going to be a season 2 of @Pinkertons and if so when can we expect its arrival on our screens?

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What’s In Store?

At the moment it is too early to say whether we are going to see a season 2 of #Pinkertons. However the actor who plays William Pinkerton, Jacob Blair was recently talking about season 1 and he said that they should know soon whether or not there is going to be a season 2.
Blair was talking about filming of season 1 which took place in Grosse isle, Man, where the crew took over the small town which numbers around 300 people.
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What Are The Top 3 Outstanding Episodes?
  • There have been many superb episodes of The Pinkertons but episode 3 was among the best when an actor died while on stage during a performance of Hamlet and it was down to William and Kate to investigate and they found that the murder is linked to the assassination of President Lincoln.
  • Episode 8 was also a good episode when a white man and Indian man were both killed together but the witness to the murder doesn’t speak English and happens to be just 12 years old.
  • Episode 13 was another of the most outstanding episodes when the detectives investigated a kidnapping and it drew them into an encounter with what would end up being two very famous outlaws.
Choices for Watching Again

If you want to watch The Pinkertons on DVD you might be pleased to hear that the DVD for season 1 is going to be made available on November

16 2015. While you are waiting for the arrival of The Pinkertons on DVD you might be interested in checking out the paperback books related to the series.
Have you enjoyed watching The Pinkertons season 1? Do you hope that season 2 of the series is heading our way?
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1 year 1 month ago

Best western show I’ve seen in years. How come didnt continue it? Appeals to intellect as well as fun and adventure. Come on guys, make more episodes. Great acting by those three main characters, Kate Warren, Will Pinkerton & ole man Pinkerton.

1 year 8 days ago

Really great show! Love the action and that it is also a western, solving a mystery, and historical. Great actors! Please, please, please, make season 2!!!!

1 year 5 days ago

Yes, please, season 2! This is a very good show. Should not be discontinued. My husband and I tune in every night, sometimes watching 2 episodes. Season 1 ended in a cliffhanger, Will and Jesse James. Not fair to stop now.
Where can we see season 2?

1 year 4 days ago

I love the show watched every episode on netflix

9 months 7 days ago

how many of you think that will lived

8 months 23 days ago

According to history Will lives until Dec 11, 1923. Great show clean and great time trying to solve the mysterious deaths, and criminal cases. Hate that they have not continued the series.

Mary heider
Mary heider
8 months 15 days ago

Please have a season 2 cant end this way

Arthur Gray II
Arthur Gray II
2 months 22 days ago

I love the show. I watched every episode on Netflix. Please don’t leave us hanging. Let us know what happened between Will and Billy the Kid in the last show of season 1.