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‘The Only Way is Essex’ Will Still Film Marbella Special


TOWIE will soldier on despite the stabbing of Jake Hall, and his recent quitting of the show. For those that don’t follow the show, Hall was in a nightclub brawl in Marbella that ended with him getting stabbed in vital areas with a broken bottle. This was reportedly some type of gang brawl, and ended with him bleeding out while running in the streets. Friends saved Hall by taking him to a nearby hospital, where they were not only able to save his life, but also his kidney. It could have ended there, but goes down a much darker path and led to him leaving the show.

So it is a little strange that the place the show chooses to film this autumn special is in the same place Hall was stabbed, which is Marbella, Spain. The two episode special isn’t that much different than their summer specials done in Marbella, but for reasons stated above, you’d think they’d avoid Marbella!

There were even talks after the Hall stabbing that they would instead return to Majorco rather than Marbella to do the autumn special. That would have been the thing most people would have expected, but apparently they are going to keep moving forward. Regardless of their decision, Hall has since moved on with his fashion line and normal life. In some ways his presence was an afterthought, as the show seemed more interested in moving on from the incident rather than bringing it up.

The same two rival British gangs that started the brawl in the nightclub of Aqwa Mist are known in the area, and it’s doubtful they have moved on to more fruitful ventures in life. Hopefully security for the show can contain their stars and prevent another Hall incident.

What do you think about the show doing the special in Marbella? Should they have done it somewhere else?


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