‘The Only Way Is Essex’ Is Losing Jake Hall?


The Jake Hall drama just got worse, as it is being reported that he is leaving TOWIE for good. That’s great news for Hall who seems to have a better perspective on life, but bad news for the show and its fans. He has been on the show since 2015, and since being stabbed and merely losing his life, he has opted to concentrate on his health.

  1. The worst assumption the show made was thinking that after such a tragic incident Hall would immediately come back to the show. Stunts like these are played up for ratings, but seeing how serious and life threatening this was, giving exposure to his injuries would have been cruel. It was one of the few times that reality television didn’t cross the invisible line.
  2. Hall is a successful entrepreneur that owns his own fashion business named Prevu London. They make really good stuff! Most reality stars don’t think outside of the box and concentrate on their own personal television brand. Hall was always a forward thinker, and always had options outside of TOWIE.
  3. Let’s be honest-why would Hall want to go back to TOWIE, one of the most dysfunctional shows on television? After almost losing his life, and already making money in other ventures, why would he want to go back? In fact, why would he need to go back? The answer is he doesn’t, and it took almost losing a kidney to figure it out.

If the story holds weight and he really did quit, then more power to him. Fans around the world are wishing him a speedy recovery, with hopes that he will be back to 100% and enjoying life once again.

Is it a good move for him to quit the show for good? What would you do in his position if you were on TOWIE?

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